A Fierce and Powerful Offering from PVRIS With New Single ‘Burn The Witch’

A Fierce and Powerful Offering from PVRIS With New Single ‘Burn The Witch’

If you’re looking for a fierce, intense collaboration full of female rage ‘Burn The Witch’ from PVRIS is the song to turn to. After just over half a year without new music, what a way to come back. Joined by rapper Tommy Genesis and DJ, and vocalist Alice Longyu- Gao ‘Burn The Witch’ embodies an innovative sound with clear additions from each artist. 

A choked-out scream sets the scene for the new single you are about to experience. The more typical higher range of vocals seen from PVRIS previously are explored in a new light here. Leaning more into rap during the verse, this ties the collaboration together effectively. 

Laced with anger and political intent, moving into the chorus this element of rage shines through. The rap evolves into grating screams which are balanced out by complimenting, strong guitar and gritty vocals all running alongside each other. As well as this blend of genres, a clear hint of EDM is present throughout and works to boost the original nature of the tack.

Production is a notable mention and is a clear example of how much these elements can help a track stand out. Panning separates the collection of layers taking ‘Burn The Witch’ from a song to an experience (even more satisfying with headphones). 

Considering the themes and the all-female collab ‘Burn The Witch’ carries a similar essence to an empowering female artist such a Scene Queen. The closing thirty seconds had me mutter ‘Damn!’ out loud to myself - a good word to sum up the entirety of ‘Burn The Witch’. 

This track did not leave a single moment to dip in energy, a highly anticipated song for a live show. ‘Burn The Witch’ is a brash release, the definition of organised chaos and a complete power-trip to listen to. 

Burn The Witch - PVRIS

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