A Scent Like Wolves Drops "Interstellar" Featuring Marcus Vik

A Scent Like Wolves Drops "Interstellar" Featuring Marcus Vik

Heavy, Technical, energetic, and fast-paced. Just a few ways that you can use to describe A Scent Like Wolves' new single to begin the year, "Interstellar," released on January 11th, 2024. A song that really focuses on the instrumental technicality and dynamic duo of vocals brought by brothers Al and Nick Boltz, as well as featuring vocalist Marcus Vik of Invent Animate while providing deep lyrics, heavy riffs, a beautiful interlude, and so much more through the four-minute course of the song.

From the first few seconds of my first listen, as soon as the first guitar note was strung, the song just had me moving my head and wishing I knew the words right off the bat to sing along. I only very recently discovered A Scent Like Wolves through this song by seeing it featured Marcus Vik of Invent Animate; I took a listen to a little bit of the band's discography outside of "Interstellar," and the band really hooked me fast, having an almost ERRA like sound with "Interstellar" being no exception. Interstellar is a song from the band's upcoming album Distant Dystopia, out February 23rd, 2024, and I know I'll be tuned in for that release.

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