Amongst Liars' Second Full-length Album ‘By Design’ Brings Angst And Vulnerability

Amongst Liars' Second Full-length Album ‘By Design’ Brings Angst And Vulnerability

Amongst Liars are soon to release their second full-length album ‘By Design’ out on 4th July 2024. The eleven tracks are thoughtful and fierce spanning the rock and roll genre. A collection of raw vocals and power, ‘By Design’ features personal lived experiences from the band members with a focus on navigating the chaos of modern society. 

Opening with a 40 second ‘Prelude’, an eerie selection of electronic sounds alongside distant voices creates a build up of tension before a riff explodes in ‘Ready For This?’. The first taste of vocalist Ian George’s captivating, unique style. A slower tempo for the verse leads into a once again explosive chorus. By the end of the track you’re already head banging - a great start to the album. 

‘You Are Not A Slave’ is a perfect example of how Amongst Liars have combined angst from personal experiences and channelled it for a heavy, punk style track. Direct lyrics such as ‘fuck the system’ are paired with energetic and positively chaotic riffs. A message to be yourself and break the mould is a clear takeaway. 

Amongst Liars have included fitting features within the album. First being the title track ‘By Design’ featuring Felin. Felin creates a contrasting balance with higher, softer vocals alongside a stronger melodic chorus. Richie Hevanz joins for ‘No Control’. A politically charged track, with a rock and roll style. The lyrics are emphasised through instrumental breaks that really speak to the listener and draw you in.

Continuing with the political theme, the track ‘The Shameful’ is a righteous song that proves the band are not afraid to call out the government. 

‘Mind’ slows the tempo of the album down for a powerful rendition about mental health. The more stripped back start, driven by bass, focuses your attention to carefully crafted, vulnerable lyrics which build impressively to a stronger chorus. This highlights Amongst Liars ability to showcase a range of styles whilst still staying consistent with rock elements. 

Coming without mighty riffs is ‘Say’. The inclusion of an acoustic guitar stands out, differing from previous tracks. Again, this stripped back feel brings your attention to vocals laced with longing. 

Closing the album is ‘Wolf Machine’, instantly bringing the energy back. Another political track that allows you to appreciate the forthright nature the song takes. Honest, with a pounding drum beat and intricate fills. A fade with a hint of feedback misleads you. Thinking the track has come to a close before abruptly returning with a burst of grating vocals, thunderous drums and booming guitar. It ends with the catchy repetitive lyrics.

Vice single cover

If you’re looking for a hard-hitting album both through instrumentals and lyrics, you are sure to enjoy ‘By Design’. The album is refreshing with a vulnerable exploration from real life experience such as stand out, moving tracks of ‘Vice’ and ‘Mind’. The riffs throughout are addictive, it is easy to hear how in sync the band are stylistically. ‘By Design’ is a clearly thought out album that makes you think, reminisce and even just gets you moving. 

‘By Design’ is out July 4th via Earache Records, make sure to give it a listen!

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