An evening with Missio and The Haunt in London

An evening with Missio and The Haunt in London

The Haunt kicked of the night at Camden’s Underworld in London with unreleased ‘Bad Omen’ followed by ‘Morally Incompetent’. I’ve been wanting to see them for ages, and they certainly didn’t disappoint! They brought so much energy to the stage and the crowd thoroughly enjoyed them. They then continued the set with fan favourites ‘Little Like Hell’, ‘I’m Not Yours’ and ‘Overdose’, followed by a cover of Royal Blood’s ‘Hook, Line & Sinker’. 

 Ana put so much emotion into her vocals and had amazing stage presence, while Max shredded on the guitar, even going into the crowd to continue playing to the fans. The crowd even started a mosh pit and were fully hyped up ready for Missio. They then ended their set with ‘Wish You Stayed’. I really hope they come back soon for a headline, as I can’t wait to see them again!

 Next up was Missio, they took to the stage accompanied by a lot of cheering from the crowd. First up was ‘Go Fuck Yourself’ followed by ‘Wolves’ and ‘Good Vibrations’. These upbeat songs with heavy guitar riffs and bass combined with the drums were so amazing to hear live in such a small intimate venue. The set list was perfectly curated to constantly switch up the beat and keep the crowd on their toes. Matthew Brue, the lead singer, effortlessly switched between more upbeat heavy vocals and softer vocals while David Butler brought the energy on the bass. 

Recently, I’ve been loving ‘Aztec Death Whistle’ and thought that would be one of my favourites live, it was amazing to hear in person, but my favourite of the evening ended up being ‘Fuck It’ as the energy was just unmatched. The band interacted with the fans throughout the evening as they all sang their lyrics back to them. Next up was fan favourite ‘Everybody Gets High’ and well-known ‘Twisted’ that was featured in the 2018 Joker film. I also really enjoyed the stripped back version of ‘I See You’ which saw Matthew take to the keys. 

They then left the stage while the crowd chanted “one more song”, before coming back out for a 2-song encore of ‘Sing To Me’ which was very therapeutic to her live with everyone singing along. They finished up for the evening with ‘Middle Fingers’ which saw the crowd holding up their middle fingers and bopping along before going to meet the bands at the merch stand after. I will definitely be seeing them again when they’re back!

Be sure to check out both band’s music, especially recently released ‘I Am Cinco’ album, and The Haunt and Missio’s collab track ‘Can People Really Change?’. 

 You can catch Missio on their upcoming US support tour with Badflower and China headline tour.

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