An evening with Swim School at The Waterfront, Norwich

An evening with Swim School at The Waterfront, Norwich

The evening started off with a set from Ziggarettes, a local band, who played their recently released singles ‘Runaway’ and ‘Funeral’ while being amazed that the crowd knew the words and were singing along. They also gave us a taster of many yet to be released songs. They make dreampop/ shoegaze music and definitely recommend checking out their music if you’re a fan of Bleachers, Radiohead or The 1975. 

Next up was Swim school, a Scottish 3-piece band. I’ve been wanting to see them for a while after lots of friends recommended them to me and I finally got to! I liked a few of their songs that I had heard but after seeing them perform live, they’ve definitely gained a new fan and I will be adding more of their songs to my playlist!

They started off their set with ‘BORED’. They had such an amazing energy throughout the entire set while interacting with all the fans. The night was filled with upbeat tunes while they ran back and forth across the stage with Alice climbing on top of the speaker multiple times, she then also jumped into the crowd for a mosh pit during ‘Delirious’. I have never seen a Norwich crowd so hyped before, but they all seemed to have thoroughly enjoyed the concert.

Alice then made her way back to the stage for ‘Let Me Inside Your Head’ before slowing things down for ‘To Grow’. They then finished up the night with several tracks off their latest EP ‘Seeing It Now’, one of my Favourites was ‘Give Me A Reason Why’. Go and get your tickets now for the remaining tour dates or make sure you catch them next tour or at any of their festivals this summer. I highly recommend. 


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