Artist Spotlight- EchoStone

Artist Spotlight- EchoStone

A long overdue shout out to a local (North and South) Carolina Band, EchoStone. With an early 2000’s rock yet modern sound, this band has been consistently putting out music that could easily fit along side bands like Breaking Benjamin and Three Days Grace. 

Not only do they a solid, and ever growing, discography, they already have a well established fan base as well. Their most recent single, “Crutch,” which is now streaming everywhere, is a great intro to the band’s discography. For a band that only started about a year ago, their fans are some of the most active I’ve seen from a local band which is honestly just great to see. 

While based out of cities from both North and South Carolina, they’re regulars at Hooligans in Wilmington and are excited about playing new venues and getting out in front of more and more crowds. If you’re looking for a more modern sound to some of your nostalgia playlists, EchoStone is definitely a great add. 

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