August Burns Red 'Rescues and Restores' Orlando

August Burns Red 'Rescues and Restores' Orlando
Photos by Jared Bokanoski

Metalcore stalwarts August Burns Red stopped in Orlando last week to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of their release Rescue and Restore, bringing along a supporting cast of up-and-coming Metalcore and deathcore acts. 

Leading off the night was Crystal Lake, the Japanese metalcore act fresh off of a lineup change brought a consistent level of energy and quality to set the tone, playing standout tracks such as ‘Apollo’ and 2023 release ‘DYSTOPIA.’

Following Crystal Lake was a pair of deathcore acts starting with Canadian act Brand of Sacrifice, a band who’s been high up my bucket list to see ever since the release of their LP Lifeblood, and it was a set that was well worth the wait, technically sound, and some of the most visceral live vocals I’ve heard from any deathcore act this year. 

The other deathcore band on the bill was Spite, a band that brings an aggressive, violent energy to the stage on any given night of whatever tour they’re on. Where Brand of Sacrifice brought the more modern deathcore stylings of choir sections and blast beats, Spite brought the more hardcore, djent, aggressive deathcore that the scene seems to be lacking lately. High energy, no breaks, a start-to-finish breakneck run containing tracks such as "IED" and "Caved In."

Closing the night was August Burns Red, in celebration of the 2013 release Rescue and Restore, playing and celebrating the album from front to back and closing with a 5 song encore that almost felt like a set itself with tracks such as fan favorites "Bloodletter" and "White Washed" and a nod to the looming holiday season with an instrumental rendition of "Carol of Bells." The crowd was an energy that hasn’t been rivaled by many bands I’ve seen this year, moshing, crowd surfing, and jumping at a high level from start to finish.

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