BABYMETAL and Electric Callboy Team Up For The Funnest Song Of The Century

BABYMETAL and Electric Callboy Team Up For The Funnest Song Of The Century

This just may be the collab of the decade. Electric Callboy and Babymetal have teamed up to give fans a brand new single titled RATATATA

BABYMETAL, known for their unique fusion of J-pop and heavy metal, has expanded their musical influence through various collaborations with artists across different genres. Recent notable partnerships include: BRING ME THE HORIZON, Tom Morello, and Lil Uzi Vert. These collabs highlight BABYMETAL's commitment to exploring new musical territories and pushing the boundaries of the metal genre.

RATATATA isn't about the tiny purple Pokémon Rattata we all know from the first-gen, but rather about getting your groove on and shaking your arsch on the dance floor! This song highlights the German and Japanese musicians teaming up to combine their signature sounds into a bouncy, infectious track. The result? A Eurovision anthem that's as catchy as it is quirky, perfect for sparking spontaneous dance-offs and injecting fun into any party.

BABYMETAL comments on the new collaboration: “Unbeatable! Let’s ‘Fu Fu’ together with ‘Ratatata’.”

ELECTRIC CALLBOY adds: “Working with BABYMETAL was so much fun. We joined our creative forces and, in the end, we brought together the best of both worlds. We love ‘Ratatata’!”

Nico and Kevin take the reins with their intense screams, while Su-Metal mesmerizes with her clean vocals, adding plenty of her signature adlibs before diving into the verses in her native tongue. This track leans more towards the dance/EDM side of the spectrum, seamlessly blending electrifying screams throughout. RATATATA is set to be an instant hit for fans of both groups, and will absolutely open the door to the world of heavy music for a new wave of listeners who have yet to explore it.

Watch the music video here
Stream the single now here.

SU-METAL - Vocals, Dance
MOAMETAL - Dance, Scream
MOMOMETAL - Dance, Scream

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Kevin Ratajczak – Vocals, Keyboard
Nico Sallach – Vocals
Daniel Klossek – Guitar
Pascal Schillo – Guitar
Daniel Haniß – Bass
David Friedrich – Drums

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