Bambie Thug creates a legendary club night at the London Scala's Face Down

Bambie Thug creates a legendary club night at the London Scala's Face Down

The recent Eurovision sensation who has taken the world by storm, Bambie Thug, took to the stage at the legendary Scala for Face Down, home to some of London’s best club nights and Friday was no exception.

There was a queue around the block for Bambie, so if you were lucky enough to get in, you already know how good of a night this was. But with popularity, it is often accompanied by controversies. Bambie is a known supporter and advocate for the Free Palestine movement and unfortunately, this drew some disruption as they paused their set to address a banner that was being held up in the crowd – Which they later addressed on X.

It’s also no secret that Bambie Thug has a very noticeable and memorable outfits when they are performing, this night they were wearing a stunning ripped top that had colours resembling the Palestinian flag and shorts that had ‘Queer’ embroidered into the back of them. This outfit really was just stunning, and we expected no different from the socio-political performer.

Besides the set being disrupted, Bambie Thug delivered what we can only call an unforgettable experience, especially for me who had only listened to ‘Doomsday Blues’ from Eurovision. They are a talented, natural performer with a genuine wide array of music that we believe metal lovers will love.

It's not your standard metal, but it’s no secret that Bambie Thug is leading the acceptance of more music genres and the LGBTQ+ community into the metal scene and this Ouija-Pop artist brings something new to the stage that is long overdue. They command this stage perfectly with a dominating presence and vibe that just makes you headbang along to their music.

Now – their music, where do we begin, going from studios to the huge stage of Eurovision, to the humble stage of the London Scala – Bambie has proven that they can perform anywhere and flawlessly.

Let's get the big one out of the way, which was obviously ‘Doomsday Blues’ which carried over from Eurovision perfectly, in fact, the smaller venue allowed the bass to resonate through the tightly packed crowd and we aren’t kidding when we say that we could feel it vibrating our bones. The hardcore vocals and shrieks, the cutting between the hard techno and the soft, rhythmic vocals – They just performed this one perfectly and we can’t fault it.

The thing is though, Bambie is not just a one-hit wonder, they performed their whole set impeccably – starting off with 'Tsunami' which was an impeccable song to start off with when they took to the stage at 00:45. The song had so much energy that Bambie carried and really started off with a bang, so if you were slacking by the time Bambie took to the stage, you would definitely be wide awake now.

Another highlight of their live performance was ‘Last Summer’ which slowed down the tempo and gave a chance for us to recuperate our energy for about a minute until the bass drops and you can once again feel it pumping against your chest.

The next highlight of the night was ‘Bye Boy’ which has slightly lighter, softer vocals compared to some of their other stuff (the keyword being ‘slightly’). This song live just has a whole different feeling compared to the rest of Bambie’s songs and we are so here for it. I still have the lyrics ‘kiss like ketamine’ ringing in my head, it was just so catchy and so well sung.

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