Blind Channel Brings Incredible "Exit Emotions Tour" To London

Blind Channel Brings Incredible "Exit Emotions Tour" To London

Arriving at Scala, London I knew this tour package will be some else. The venue filled with different fans from various backgrounds - from young people having their faces painted to various-aged metalheads was a perfect start to what was about to happen next.

Rock Band From Hell:

Finnish trio from Oulu were bringing a fresh wave of nostalgia with their pop punk tones. Lots of interaction both from the band and crowd gathered in the venue. They reminded me of good times, when I was a teenager in early-mid 2000s and listened to music on my iPod Nano. I absolutely loved their 2nd song - “Fed Up” and how fresh it sounded despite the lack of a bassist on stage with them. The crowd acted as if they were a headline act. Last time the opener made me this happy was when I saw State Champs live in London back in February 2024. Those guys have a bright future ahead of them. I am rooting for them to conquer bigger stages and headline a larger stage in London one day.

Before it was time for the second act of the night, I noticed musicians from GHØSTKID preparing for their set. The brainchild of Sushi (former Electric Callboy vocalist) was not what I expected to experience on my concert bingo card in 2024. Mixing metalcore with black metal face paint and gender-bending concepts, stage clothes and hairstyles bought me before the band even started playing.


The moment they came on stage felt like a hurricane was about to hit with the full impact. Apart from their distinctive looks another thing I noticed was their instruments. LED neon drums and guitar cabs immediately were striking the attention and they appeared super fun. As I mentioned above - from the very first second, I got absolutely swept and blown away musically. Germans are incredible instrumentally and have so much insane power about them. Especially around the 2nd song - “START A FIGHT” - bassist Stanni and guitarist Jappo jumped straight into crowd to play among fans.

Sushi is a fantastic lead singer who is also not straying from displaying his vulnerable side. “HEAVY RAIN” - a track from their recent album “HOLLYWOOD SUICIDE” - sounded very poignant and emotional. Another song that totally got me as well as whole crowd clapping in Scala was “DAHLIA” from their newest release as well. There is no vocal that Mr Biesler cannot nail down. Despite GHØSTKID being vastly different from what Sushi was performing during his time in Electric Callboy - it does not stray away sound-wise from biggest names in global metalcore. It is punchy, intense, and insanely well-produced. The crowning moment was their last song - "SUPERNØVA”. Their biggest hit just that beautiful space in many people’s hearts and nailed their performance with wonderful crowd interaction. It is a 3x „JA, mehr bitte” from me.

Festive atmosphere did not escape even for a minute. Before the main star of the evening appeared on stage, whole crowd was chanting to Linkin Park’s songs as well as 90's bangers like Bellini’s “Samba de Janeiro” played prior to Blind Channel’s set. This little touch made the atmosphere even more warm and friendly for everyone.


The Eurovision stars from 2021 reminded me why they are doing so well. Their wonderfully polished set started with 2 songs from their newest album - “EXIT EMOTIONS” - "DEADZONE” and “WHERE IS THE EXIT”. The intertwining vocals between Joel and Niko were as smooth as butter on a freshly baked roll. But not only did the vocal duo show an incredible energy, the whole instrumental part of the band is incredibly groovy and forced you to bop your head up and down and dance. Even though one of their songs from "EXIT EMOTIONS’ is called "NOT YOUR BRO” - this statement could not be less truthful watching them slay London’s Scala. The brotherhood is so strong in every aspect - from interacting on stage with power and love to making the crowd clap and sing their hearts out. The way the band performed, made everyone in the first row incredibly special and appreciated to give them their Thursday evening. If that was not enough and extraordinary - mid-set the band introduced no one else but the legend herself – the British alt-rock legend RØRY. With her presence on stage, the band performed their collaborative effort - "DIE ANOTHER DAY”. It was very magical to see her sing with Blind Channel. Also, the emphasis on their message about why they started their ensemble in the first place touched many. The band wonderfully put into words how much this project means to them to have this platform for their emotions. Another pretty cool moment that I admired was Niko had his Eminem-inspired rap solo called “VIOLENT BOB (Deja Fu)” that led to B.Y.O.B. cover of System of the Down. Blind Channel most definitely managed to slay an impossible tune to recreate. To finalise their excellent stage efforts, they finished their set with their biggest bangers: “HAPPY DOOMSDAY”, "FLATLINE”, “Bad Idea” and their Eurovision hit - “Dark Side” which was marvellous. If you ever wondered whether it is worth seeing Blind Channel live - without a doubt, Century Media rising stars should be at the top of your must watch rock bands in 2024.

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