Boston Manor Return in Full Force with new single “Container”

Boston Manor Return in Full Force with new single “Container”
Boston Manor

 2024 brings the first taste of new music from Boston Manor. Following their last album release ‘Datura’ back in 2022 their new single ‘Container’ is the first glimpse of the fresh direction the band are taking this year. 

A gritty, brief intro morphs into a rich guitar riff. This new one grabs your attention right away with an ominous tone and vocals that carry a hint of an echo. 

The punchy chorus opens up the track to more defined vocals and a powerful groove. Hitting with this impressive use of vocals, adds heavier notes to the track. This aids to incorporate the bands more classic darker sound while introducing a slightly brighter perspective. 

A split second of silence adds to the captivating feeling of ‘Container’ before we get the pleasure of a break in the groove, which makes it even more striking as the chorus comes back in for the final time – a great stylistic choice. 

Lead singer Henry Cox commented ‘It’s really important to write something that people can be immersed in and find some sort of solace in’ - an appropriate ode to the gripping nature of ‘Container’. Both in the captivating sound and their new angle of exploring a more personal (and fittingly) contained theme of bringing about change.

Alongside comes an artistic video, a clear visual representation of the tracks themes such as striving for change. This music video is a complimentary, cinematic release. 

Boston Manor have boldly ventured inwards with lighter themes while keeping just the right amount of ‘Heaviness’. A much-needed new single laced with enthusiasm and vision.