CAPSTAN hit hard with their new release ‘Empire’

CAPSTAN hit hard with their new release ‘Empire’

Ahead of their upcoming album ‘The Mosaic’ on 24th May, CAPSTAN hasn’t held back with this powerful single. ‘Empire’ blasts through a range of moods sonically, showcasing the band’s impressive experimental ability to maintain strong instrumentals and an interesting theme.

An initial eerie flicker of a keyboard bursts into a hardcore riff and powerful drums - it carries a slightly sinister feel accompanied by disconcerting vocals. Anthony DeMario’s vocals have been carefully layered, evolving into deep screams and an even more impressive explosive showcase for the chorus.

Short instrumentals have been carefully crafted and are loaded with heaviness adding to the post-hardcore nature of ‘Empire’. The inclusion of electronic elements makes it more dynamic and amplifies the cycle of moods within the track.

‘Empire’ also carries an interesting theme, exploring the theme of a confession of guilt and an irreparable broken system. This is hinted at in the song title and represented with frustration, especially within the single's notable, brutal breakdown.

‘Empire’ creates a unique atmosphere through its politically charged content, amplified guitar and persistently strong vocals. This combination makes for an impressive track with its ability to take you on a journey.

Now that you have read our review of this electrifying new release, be sure to have a listen below. You will not be disappointed!