Deathless Tour with Set it Off

Deathless Tour with Set it Off

Anticipation fills as the line for the show started hours before the show even began. After talking to some fans upon arrival, all were more than excited to see each band perform. More than one person even saying this was their dream line up.

Spoiler warning: This definitely was not a show to miss. 

DeathbyRomy entered the stage with an almost electric energy. Waisting no time getting into it, their first song was "Vicious Bliss." I was incredibly upset with myself for having this be the first time hearing them. With their sound not being something I typically would listen to, I went from never having listened to them to immediately adding them to my playlist. I completely fell into a trance when "No Mercy" began to play. If the music didn’t get you hooked immediately, then the stage presence absolutely did! A performance too amazing to put into words. No seriously catch them live! 

Crown The Empire burst on stage, giving the fans everything they have. There have been very few times I tear myself from my camera just to take in awe of the crowds energy, but this was definitely one of them. It was almost as if the crowd was putting on a performance of their own. Andy was perfectly conducting the crowd to be on the same wavelength for an amazing experience. Crown The Empire set was one where it leaves feeling like you can take on a whole village yourself. So essentially about 400 red bulls give or take- don’t check my math, please. Production wise, it felt straight out of a movie- even varying for each song. You could be listening to something feeling like you ready to battle in a desert field, t0 being transported to in sci-fi warzone, then finding yourself in LA being a Superstar…eh eh okay I’ll stop. Truly an amazing performance that’ll have (and definitely had!) the crowd chanting for more. 

The build up all lead to this. DeathbyRomy sparked the torch. Crown The Empire ran with it. Set It Off stomped it out and ignited the entire venture in flames. Their independent era was in full swing. Leading with "Parasite" felt such a proper way to kick things off with how infected the crowd was. You could tell they weren’t playing any more games. You could feel not only the control of  the crowd but the of guys on stage. Veterans in game who finally broke free and were able to run and sound how they wanted to. By no means disregarding anything previous but you could tell they were their true selves on stage. Even diving into their older catalog still felt different. The confidence emanating from everyone on the stage was what the crowd wanted and were waiting the entire show for. When it came time to play "Partners In Crime," Cody was join by none other than DeathbyRomy themselves. Which, by the crowd reaction, no one saw coming. 

This was such an amazing, mind blowing, energetic show. Every band absolutely brought their all and left me speechless more than once. This line up was a dream come true for so many, and for a good reason. But I will absolutely be trying to see any one of these bands again because how amazing this show was- these are definitely not bands to miss out on!

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