ERRA is a band well known for their dynamic range, and this is something that shines through on their new single ‘Blue Reverie'. 


Starting off with a moody riff, followed by clean vocals from Jesse, the tone is set and continues to build. Melodic riffs break away to crunching guitars and thumping drums before dropping off into a quiet and thoughtful verse. This is all build-up. At the height of the song, we’re brought crashing back down to Earth. Syncopated drum beats are layered with brutal guitars and the thunderous screams of J.T. Cavey bringing us back to the sound we’ve come to expect from the band, before a triumphant final chorus blends Jesse’s clean vocals and Cavey’s powerful scream.


Whilst this track is different from the two previously released singles, it shouldn’t be disregarded. ‘Blue Reverie' is a song that displays musical proficiency and hits home emotionally. This latest offering is a sign of how diverse ERRA are and how far they have come the since the start of their career. 

Watch Blue Reverie here:

Where the previous two singles ‘Pale Iris’ and ‘Cure,’ have been a fast-paced and aggressive, ‘Blue Reverie’ is a chance to slow things down a little; something that will no doubt be appreciated during a live show.


‘Blue Reverie’ features on the band’s sixth album ‘Cure’ which is due to be released on 5th April through UNFD.