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Anxious, gay, caffeinated tunes to fuel your angsty blues

As an English Literature graduate and connoisseur of mid-20s angst, Ettie has a talent for playing with words to create a unique brand of story-telling.

Ettie is here, queer, and full of existential fear. She’s ready to be your extra gay emo phase, providing honest and truthful songs about queer love and life to the backdrop of the melodies you grew up with.

Ettie’s first EP ‘Manic Pixie Dream Girl’ heralded the song ‘I’m Sorry to my Exes’, which centred Ettie in the middle of the queer-pop scene. Last year she dropped two bops, the latter ‘Marty McFly’ being labelled a queer anthem about wanting to go back in time and tell your younger self that it’s okay to be who you are. And she’s only just beginning. 

With influences stretching from Avril Lavigne, Hayley Williams and Pale Waves, to the 00s boybands of her past and 80s female-fronted rock, Ettie’s music is quintessentially honest and exciting. With a sound that feels raw and familiar, and a narrative that brings fresh energy into rock, Ettie is one of the most promising new artists on the scene.

“Like pop-punk but gay” - Ettie’s gf 


1. What 5 words would you use to describe your music?

Gay, rock, electric, lyrical and caffeinated 

2. Where is your favourite spot to write/ create? 

I almost exclusively get inspiration for songs while on public transport. It is very frustrating. I have to quickly write or record it into my phone and then wait until I get home and pull out my guitar to start writing.

3. Must have item when creating? 

My songbook. It’s always a plain page un-lined notebook. I have to write down everything even if it’s just to score it out. 

4. Who did you grow up listening to?

Surprisingly I grew up on a heavy diet of rap and R&B. My parents were obsessed with The Black Eyed Peas, Ne-Yo, Eminem. When I got sort of into my pre-teens I discovered boyband, rock and emo music when my sisters brought home a Greenday CD, so that’s where my inspiration for my music began. 

5. Who are your current biggest inspirations?

Hayley Williams forever and always. I am obsessed with her lyrics and how eclectic her performances are. And now with the recent move for the band to go independent with their music, she is drawing light onto the music industry and it’s exploitation of young artists. 

6. How did you find your sound/style?

A LOT of trial and error. When I began performing when I was 16 I was knee-deep in a UK indie rock phase. I tried to change how I sang to be more Laura Marling, to try to be cool. I always loved pop-punk and rock but all I wanted was to be liked, and emo music really wasn’t in fashion. I sucked haha, I sounded really bad, because I wasn’t me. I really leaned into who I am as an artist after I came out when I was 23. I realised I didn’t have to pretend to be something I wasn’t to be appreciated. And now I’m just a big lesbian emo phase. 

7. Anyone you would like to collaborate with?

I’d love to collaborate with Pale Waves, I love their aesthetic and unashamedly queer song writing. I also really respect the artist charlieeeee, they just got signed to a major label which is a huge win for queer and non-binary artists. Their music is sick!

8. What instrument would you like to learn if any?

Piano! I am so terrible! I have tried so many times in my life. I think I struggle because I am ambidextrous, and my brain can’t make sure my left hand is doing bass and my right hand is doing melody. It’s hard. 

9. If you had to include a kazoo or a triangle in every single song you make, which would you choose?

100% kazoo - the most delicate and beautiful of all instruments. Pop-punk is lacking kazoo. 

10. What is your favourite music venue? (to attend as a fan or play as an artist)

I’m a Camden girl born and bred so I love KoKo - I’ll know I’ve made it if I ever play there. 

11. Which festival would you love to play at?

SlamDunk! I would spend my whole time running around trying to see everyone play. It would be a huge pinch-me moment.

12. Who would you love to tour with and what is your dream venue to play?

I would love to tour with Paramore. I went to their show in April 2023 and their fans go so hard! And that means I could just watch them perform every night. Hayley Williams is a masterclass in performance art. My dream venue (aside from KoKo) would have to be Madison Square Garden. To even have fans in NYC is wild, and that venue is so iconic. 

13. Favourite part of a show when performing?

Talking to the audience. I’m really passionate about song writing and my art, so I’m not one of those artists that will finish a song and be like “ok, next song is this here it is.” I like to communicate with the audience and tell them about it. I love making people laugh. 

14. Funny stories from playing a show?

My harmoniser pedal once over heated and made the venue lose all power, during the first song of my set. I had to yell to the crowd what happened because the mic wasn’t working!

15. Future goals?

I want to make an album. I love albums. I always listen to albums top to bottom and I love storytelling albums. I dream of being able to create a large collection of work. 

16. Are you working on anything at the moment?


17. Can you recommend one of your songs and a song by another artist for our readers to listen to?

My recent single Last Best Lover!

And PMO by L Devine. It’s on her new album and it’s a queer anthem!

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