“Exploring the Depths of Progressive Metal: A Beginner's Guide." Pt. 2

“Exploring the Depths of Progressive Metal: A Beginner's Guide." Pt. 2

Earlier this year we touched on dipping your toes into the Progressive genre. Let’s dive a little deeper in Part Two. 

Things that immediately stand out to me are a few distinctive features:

Complex Song Structures: Unlike traditional verse-chorus formats, progressive metal often incorporates intricate, non-linear arrangements with multiple sections and movements.

Technical Proficiency: Musicianship in progressive metal is typically of a very high caliber, featuring complex time signatures, advanced instrumental techniques, and virtuosic performances.

Diverse Influences: Progressive metal blends elements from various genres, including classical, jazz, and electronic music, often resulting in a unique and eclectic sound.

Conceptual Themes: Albums often explore overarching themes or narratives, making them akin to concept albums, with lyrics that delve into philosophical, scientific, or fantasy-related topics. Some are even completely instrumental where the music tells the story. 

Extended Instrumentals: Songs frequently include long instrumental sections, allowing musicians to showcase their technical skills and creativity.

Experimental Sounds: There is a strong emphasis on experimentation, with bands often using unconventional instruments, innovative production techniques, and unusual soundscapes.

And here are some Artists you should know: Alyssa Day, Intervals, Clayton King, Unprocessed, and Arch Echo