Fit For A King Returns With "Keeping Secrets"

Fit For A King Returns With "Keeping Secrets"

Fit For A King joined the party of new music in just the first month of the new year with "Keeping Secrets," released January 12th– the band's first release since their 2022 album The Hell We Create. Immediately the song begins fast-paced and with high energy. Still, the most noticeable thing is the massive chorus including bassist Ryan "Tuck" O'Leary singing with his clean vocals after the success of his band Off Road Minivan's 2023 album May This Keep You Safe From Harm, giving the song an incredible duo of vocals brought by the bands lead vocalist Ryan Kirby and Tuck.

This song comes just in time for the band's second leg of their co-headline tour with The Devil Wears Prada– bringing bands Avoid and Counterparts along starting January 16th. "Keeping Secrets" highlights the band's evolution and how their sound continues to change using different elements incorporating a massive chorus with incredible cleans, deep meaningful lyrics, and still giving an intense breakdown. "Keeping Secrets" without a doubt is going to find its way into my daily rotation and be in the conversation for my top songs at the end of the year. getting to see this played live in less than a month has got me excited, this song is going to rip.

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