Four Year Strong drop new single and video for "daddy of mine"

Four Year Strong drop new single and video for "daddy of mine"

Four Year Strong are back with a new single "daddy of mine" capturing their signature sound, whilst embracing their heavier side. Vocalist and guitarist Dan O’ Connor discussed having writing block and said, "we decided to combat it by writing something heavier and faster than we ever have." The result is elaborate, innovative and energetic.

Opening with a groovy riff, the guitar hints at the heavier tone the track could take right from the get-go and takes the opportunity to hit in hard with the bass drum. Before the verse even hits the track is already dynamic and intricate. The guitar cuts teasingly, leaving you on edge before the satisfaction of a ruthless scream.  

Embracing heavier influences, the verse continues with intensity before a rockier chorus draws back from the aggression. The track keeps you on your toes, captures your attention and showcases how in sync For Year Strong are. The instrumentals are methodically placed making for a fierce profound breakdown. Every element drives the track forward powerfully. 

"Daddy of mine" leaves you guessing throughout. It has an impressive combination of rock and hardcore and the tracks construction cohesively switches between styles. The band clearly haven’t limited themselves creatively or stuck to conventions but instead used their talent to create a unique sound with an inventive structure. "Daddy of mine" sets Four Year Strong apart demonstrating their bold writing style and infectious sound.  

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