Gary Numan finishes his tour with a legendary show at the Roundhouse

Gary Numan finishes his tour with a legendary show at the Roundhouse

You might have thought that the now 66-year-old rocker would be getting tired on this last date of the 45th anniversary of The Pleasure Principle Tour. After all, he has been performing non-stop up and down the UK for 3 weeks – With this performance being his 3rd at The Roundhouse in Camden.

But absolutely not! Gary delivered a superb performance that was high and heavy in energy… But hey, I guess you have to deliver when the legend Dave Grohl comes out of his way to watch your performance!

Seriously though, Gary Numan is a fan of his fans and seems to always deliver for them and this gig was no different.

With no support act, the stage plunged into darkness at 20:30 sharp with strobes pinging off across the stage, including a giant triangle in the centre stage. As the energy built up momentum and eventually hit its peak, which seemed to take forever! The band made their way on stage, most strikingly the bass and guitar players who were wearing black robes, rocking some epic eyeshadow and black stripes down the centre of their faces.

And finally, Gary graced the stage with his presence, accompanied by thunderous applause and cheering the iconic “Numannn” chant.  

The 22-song strong set kicked off with 'Replicas' which felt like a very strong choice to open on – Allowing Gary to strike the stage with his iconic voice and striking stage presence. The crowd knew for certain from this point that they were in for an unforgettable night of rock, holding Numan’s hand through almost 50 years of his music.

The gig was full to the brim of electro-synth rock that lit up the atmosphere… not as if the venue needed any more lighting. The production and lighting set-up was astonishing and very much in contrast to the dark gothic look that the band was rocking.

Gary didn’t stop much to talk between songs, but then again, how would he have any time to? When he wasn’t delivering some epic vocals, he was either holding his guitar or running to his keyboard.

Although he didn’t stop to talk much, he did spend a lot of the time crouched down at the front of the stage, microphone in hand, panning his eyes across every single member of that audience.

One key highlight from this monumental show was during ‘You Are in My Vision’ where Numan's daughter, Raven joined her father on stage to sing along, just so cute and wholesome. Especially as a proud mother, Gemma O’Neil sat in the pit, crouched down recording her family on her phone, almost with a tear in her eye.

Love or hate his catchy songs, Gary Numan proved he still has it and provided his audience, including Dave Grohl, with an unforgettable gig.

Congratulations to Mr. Numan for completing a long 3-week tour and for the 45th Anniversary of a legendary Album.

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