German metal takes over London with Blind Guardian & The Night Eternal

German metal takes over London with Blind Guardian & The Night Eternal

Last Sunday was a heavy night for metal lovers in London as German band's Blind Guardian, supported by The Night Eternal took to the stage at the sold-out show at The O2 Forum in Kentish Town. 

The sold-out show was not one to be missed with a strong opening by The Night Eternal who understood the program and right from the get-go, provided nothing but pure traditional metal, opening with, ‘Between The Worlds’, a song from their newest album, ‘Fatale’. 

Unfortunately, after the first song, it appeared Aleister went in a bit too hard on his drumkit and there was a brief pause as techs rushed to fix it. This is not at all a complaint; it made the show feel so real and allowed Ricardo Baum to speak to the crowd who largely didn't know the band. 

It was clear that people were here for Blind Guardian but from the first stabs at the guitar by Henry “Horkus” and Rob Richter, the first hit of the snare by Aleister Prakelt, the resonance of the heavy bass from Jannik Stuber and of course the first lyrics uttered by Ricardo Baum – the fans of Blind Guardian were also now fans of this legendary support act. 

The only complaint to be made about The Night Eternal was that they only played eight songs and we were left wanting more... But this only serves as an excuse to see them again. 

Now that all feet were on the ground, people were ready and hyped up for Blind Guardian, for their first show in London since 2016, this was a big night in London for the German metal scene. 

As ‘Imaginations From The Other Side’ started playing and the band started walking out one by one, fans cheered. The epic guitar tones of Andre Olbich and Marcus Siepen rung through the crowd before the angelic vocals of Hansi Kursch came in which only made the crowd cheer even more. 

It was a night of headbanging and devil horns, but also of love and respect, lead singer Hansi Kursch couldn't believe how many people came out to see them after being away from London for so long. After each song, he paused to speak to the crowd and it all just felt so wholesome and community-like – this is a band that has so much respect for their fans and it was so lovely to see. 

It is definitely worth mentioning that Frederik Ehmke on the drums is a force not to be reckoned with, I honestly don't know how he does it, throughout the gig, throughout all 16 songs, it was constant snare and kickdrum. Whilst all band members and session musicians are super talented, this drummer is one who still stands out. 

A night to remember and I am now in love with this band, and The Night Eternal for that matter, both bands have secured a spot in my Spotify playlists and if you haven't heard of these bands all I can do is encourage you to listen as these will cater to all metal fans, regardless of age. 

If there's one thing Germans know, it's how to do rock and metal right, if you love power metal, you will love these bands.  

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