‘Hot Singles In Your Area’ - Fearless and Forceful Debut Full Length Album from Scene Queen

‘Hot Singles In Your Area’ - Fearless and Forceful Debut Full Length Album from Scene Queen

Scene Queen is back, fearless and forceful with debut full length album, ‘Hot Singles In Your Area’. She is no stranger to sparking conversations and uproar in the alternative and metal scene. This album certainly doesn’t shy away from the themes she’s so wonderfully known for. Taking things to the next level, ‘Hot Singles In Your Area’ comes with more outlandish statements (just look at the tracklist) and fierce female and sexual empowerment. Featured on the album are titles such as ‘Mutual Masturbation’, ‘MILF’, ‘PEG’, ‘Oral Fixation’ and many more all fueled with positively outrageous lyrics.

Punching into the first track, ‘BDSM’ is testament to just how honest and unapologetic Scene Queen is willing to be. Hard-hitting drums drag you straight in, with low toned riffs accompanying the blunt lyrics ‘BDSM, Scene Queen hates men’. An empowering female anthem and an instant clap-back to haters with strong screaming vocals to really drive the point home. 

Following, is viral ‘18+’ , a significant track focusing on predatory behaviour in a male-dominated scene. It’s an intense call-out to the industry with typically bold lyrics and a strong selection of riffs. ‘Hot Singles In Your Area’ also includes a selection of striking collabs with Wargasm, The Ready Set and 6arelyhuman.

‘Girls Gone Wild’ with duo Wargasm has complimenting vocals that are balanced with raw growling screams. Laced with electronic elements adding even more genre range, the track is true to its title and is absolutely one you can go wild to. 

Title track ‘Hot Singles In Your Area’ comes unexpectedly, leading you on with delicate acoustic guitar and soft vocals before a profound breakdown and harsher vocals kick in. Whatever you're expecting, Scene Queen always manages to have an extra trick up her sleeve. 

Previously released single, ‘MILF’ follows, another impressive expression, easily switching between genres bringing in an element of country. Sure to shock the conservatives - ‘Big shotgun cock, 'cause you know I got range’, ‘MILF’ creates the space for a metal ‘hoedown’ and a unique blend of genres. 

‘Amateur’, ‘PEG’ and ‘Oral Fixation’ showcase hypersexual lyrics that add an element of empowerment and owning sexuality. ‘Oral Fixation’ is driven with a vigorous bass drum and a faster addictive tempo.

Finalising the punchy album is ‘Climax’, continuously building, truly taking ‘Hot Singles In Your Area’ to a climax -  presenting as the album’s ballad. It gives the chance for Scene Queen to highlight her vocal range with the inclusion of keys and a more heartfelt tone. 

Scene Queen has expertly crafted an album that empowers the listener and emphasises reclaiming sexuality whilst still having a considerable amount of fun along the way. The album comes with breakdown after breakdown and represents her innovative creativity. It snaps back at misogynists, conservatives and the industry showing the extent Scene Queen is willing to go to make a difference. ‘Hot Singles In Your Area’ is playful, influential and politically charged that brings even more heat than anything she’s done so far. 

‘Hot Singles In Your Area’ is out June 28th via Hopeless Records, be sure to check it out!

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