Hozier at Finsbury Park, London

Hozier at Finsbury Park, London

The Sunday afternoon, which was both blessed with sunny spells as well as heavy rain, began with brotherly duo of Ye Vagabonds hailing from Ireland. The mellow, quiet, yet emotional performance was supported by the string section, stunning traditional instruments and keys as well as acoustic guitars. Their short but moving 6-song set consisted of both their original music – including one of their biggest hits 'Blue is the Eye' as well as two traditional, Irish songs - 'Lord Gregory' and 'Lowland of Holland'. Brothers, Diarmuid and Brían Gloinn have such an incredible bond on stage that is amazing to see.

A few moments later, Lord Huron arrived by storm to Finsbury Park stage. These Americans showed their amazing energy, entertaining the crowd from the very first minute with 'Meet me in the Woods' to the final tune 'Not Dead Yet' and their most known track 'The Night We Met'. Ben Schneider's charisma filled up the atmosphere with joy and happiness. Lord Huron was an absolute pleasant surprise to me. As someone who normally does not listen to indie rock, I found myself tapping my foot to their tunes. After Ye Vagabonds, who were fairly calm performers, the fans moods were lifted by Lord Huron as they prepared for the main support, Brittany Howard.

The former vocalist and guitarist of Alabama Shakes took to the stage. Incredibly impressive vocals supported by an amazing live band and backing vocalists filled Finsbury Park. Something that caught my attention during her performance was how she connected so deeply to her music and portrayed it to the fans. Especially impressive, was the second song of the evening – 'I Don’t'. Brittany's vocals and stage presence, just made it incredibly special to experience in person. I am genuinely glad I saw such a seasoned and powerful performer, and this turned out to be my favourite support act of the afternoon.

As if the evening could not get any better - it was finally time for Hozier. The Irish sensation started on an extreme high, led by the crowd cheering 'Eat Your Young'. From the very beginning, the musicians accompanying Hozier were playful, cheerful and all around merry. The spotlight was on his backing vocalists with their angelic voices, I loved watching them having fun. 

On top of faster pace tracks, there were some that allowed Hozier to get more emotional and personal on an acoustic guitar. After some rainy showers, songs like 'Francesca', 'Like Real People Do' or 'I, Carrion (Icarian)' were exceptionally special when the sunset reached Finsbury Park. 

Something extraordinary about Hozier’s performance is how he gets very sensual with his voice in such beautiful and unique way. I have not previously experienced such soul touching and warmth in an artist’s voice. On top of that, the crowd loves him and he gives them so much attention while playing his guitar.  Moreover, the featuring of Brittany Howard for Joe Cocker’s 'Feeling Alright' and Melissa McMillan appearance for 'Nina Cried Power' (originally sung by Mavis Staples) just crowned the whole experience for all in Finsbury Park.

He wrapped the set with his biggest hit - 'Take me to church' as well as 'Cherry Wine', 'Unknown/Nth' and 'Work Song'.  

Hozier is new age Indie artist who with a sprinkle of folk can carry crowds and hypnotise them, like with a touch of a magic wand. If you have never seen him perform live – he is an absolute must-see musician in 2024.

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