Hungover Drop New Single "Out of Body"

Hungover Drop New Single "Out of Body"

Out Of Body is the third single from pop-rock veterans Hungover, off their upcoming debut full-length album When It Touches the Heart, Everything Resolves (aka WITHER). Six years have now passed since the Orlando, Florida-based 3-piece's explosive 2018 EP Wilt was released, and I think anyone can agree, so many things can change about just one single person in six years - let alone an entire band. 

Thankfully, the time that has elapsed has only served to sharpen the trio's skills. Much like the pressure that turns coal into diamonds, Hungover's evolution and maturity is tangible from Out Of Body's opening line: “Emotion, I’m hoping that you’ll visit me real soon, nostalgic on a Brooklyn subway, longing for things I never knew,” frontman Marc Cortes croons, driving up feelings of nostalgia from the group’s past east-coast tours. His thought provoking introspection is echoed throughout every track of WITHER, but Out Of Body is a particularly shining demonstration of how much care has always been placed into the group’s lyricism. 

"Dodging texts, task paralysis, and avoidance can sever relationships you never meant to. Sometimes that means neglecting the people you love most. I knew I needed help, but feeling like a burden to the people who surrounded me made me think I needed to push them away. When I got better, I had to mend certain relationships and that wasn’t easy. In some cases, there were things I couldn't fix so I had to seek the closure that I forced people to find themselves," Cortes says. "'Out of Body' takes on the idea that sometimes a 'coming of age' moment can mean realizing that you were wrong/have failed and that's okay!"

I know it’s often been said that you can’t judge a book by its cover, but I love it when a band’s album artwork looks the way that it sounds, and Out Of Body is a perfect example; it’s trippy, it’s spacious and colorful like a sunset viewed from a Publix parking lot - something any Floridian will immediately be able to visualize. The second verse opens with an iconic tongue-in-cheek "Are you high right now, or have you just been crying?” one of the most unforgettable lines of the song, and draws forth emotions likely anyone in their 20’s to 30’s has felt at some point in the midst of an argument with a friend or loved one. 

Long-time Hungover fans will appreciate the energetic wall-of-sound in this track’s chorus, emboldened by the dynamic percussion of drummer Gabe Santiago as Cortes sings "There’s a hole in my heart, the size of your bedroom where we used to talk, I hope we make up soon, so we can refill the space thats in-between,” perfectly illustrating the more overlooked, uncomfortable situations one can encounter with their significant other when separated for any great length of time.  The song’s bridge then swells to a massive climax as Cortes bellows "I feel like I’m drifting away, could I reverse? Could I replay the sound of you calling me to see if I’m okay?” while guitarist Sean Connors tremolo-picks feverishly, as if trying to warm his fingers atop Mt Everest. Immediately upon hearing that line, newcomers will understand what Hungover does best: Vividly capturing the subtle nuances of our most vulnerable (and at times ugly) moments in life, and transmuting it into something beautiful, poetic and just as catchy as it is relatable. 

As the track comes to a close, the entire band’s voices can be heard chanting “Out of mind, Out of body,” harmoniously, summarizing the dissociation one can experience when overwhelmed with the pressures of life and chasing a dream while simultaneously struggling to meet the demands of friendships, relationships, and career obligations. Cortes’s refreshing, conversational lyrical style paints the song’s message in a tastefully simplistic way that, to me, says please be patient with me, I am doing the best that I f*cking can. 

When It Touches the Heart, Everything Resolves will release via Smartpunk Records on streaming services everywhere February 23rd, and right now you can pre-order a gorgeous limited edition color vinyl directly from You can also pre-save the album on your favorite streaming services here: First week sales numbers are a HUGE factor that determines every opportunity for an artist, so if you’re going to support them - now’s the time to do it. And be sure to follow them on instagram @hungoverband. It may be springtime, but it’s WITHER season, baby.

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