If Not For Me Share Vibrant New Track "No Thanks To You"

If Not For Me Share Vibrant New Track "No Thanks To You"

If Not For Me is a four piece metalcore band from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The members range from all over the central PA music scene. They have become a fan favorite in the emerging metalcore scene with their own brand of catchy choruses, driving riffs, and hard-hitting breakdowns with an incredible live performance to match.

If Not For Me are sharing their new track, “No Thanks To You” via Thriller Records and we are about to do a deep dive, so let’s get started!

Right away, the intro catches my ear with a little alter boy sounding vocal hook. This leads into a very driving verse section. Patrick’s clean vocals are very pleasant and melodic throughout the verse. The chorus is massive and hits you like a tidal wave. The layers all come together and the mix is spot on. The band hones in on a brutally melodic sound as it grows into fierce hooks throughout the chorus. I think the song really shines in the bridge, leading into the final chorus. Patty’s isolated vocals gave me goosebumps and this song is sure to get the crowd moving. 

If Not For Me continues to expand their musical capability with "No Thanks To You." Creating a spacious atmosphere in the track's intro and erupting into a catchy ear-worm of a chorus. The band weaves heavy melodies draped in brutal screams, making for a perfect contrast. 

Listen to the song here

“ No Thanks To You is all about moving on from somebody that’s been manipulating or using you. It’s another very personal song to me because I know exactly how hollowing it can feel to realize something you invested so much of yourself into wasn’t even real. But there’s something so freeing and empowering in being able to recognize your worth and move forward. These wounds are bound to open from time to time, but progress isn’t a linear thing, and healing takes time.” - Patty Glover, lead vocalist.

Fans can catch If Not For Me on their Everything You Wanted Release Tour this spring, tickets are available now.

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