Invent Animate Unleashes the Brutal New Single "Sleepless Deathbed"

Invent Animate Unleashes the Brutal New Single "Sleepless Deathbed"
Photos by Will Smith

After the release of their groundbreaking fourth record Heavener last year, Texan prog-metalcore 4-piece Invent Animate has been making serious waves in the metalcore community and, with the surprise that was the late-released title track in September, it is clear they have no intention of stopping. Re-defining the modern metalcore sound with techy riffs, stunning layered ambiance, djent/thall-esque breakdowns, and some of the best vocals in the scene from Marcus Vik, it is safe to say they are becoming one of the most exciting bands around today.

"Sleepless Deathbed" is their latest offering – advertised as “A not sad one” by guitarist Keaton Goldwire. The track is straight-up phenomenal, mixing some of Invent’s heaviest work to date with their trademark ambient clean sections, once again showcasing how insanely talented Marcus is on vocals. Complex riffs and grooves persist throughout the track, ranging from scrawling techy sections to pacy, rhythmic chugs, matched by the animals that are bassist Caleb Sherraden and the band’s new(ish) full-time drummer Brody Taylor-Smith. The breakdown stands out most to me; after a fast, building passage, the instrumentals drop out, leaving Marcus’ emotion-loaded cleans and some accompanying ambiance, before building into a bridge and then smashing you with an almost Humanity’s Last Breath-level breakdown.

Then, the chaos subsides for a moment, once again leaving Marcus on his own, for a quick, exasperated breath before a second wind of crushing instrumentals picks you right back up again – one of my favorite moments in Invent’s whole discography. I can’t wait to see where they take us next.

You can catch Invent Animate playing Sleepless Deathbed across the states right now, on their mammoth tour with Beartooth, The Plot in You, and Sleep Theory.

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