Jason Becker (And Friends, Like Nita Strauss) Share "Some Assembly Required" Video

Jason Becker (And Friends, Like Nita Strauss) Share "Some Assembly Required" Video

Nita Strauss plus top guitarist in the world rally around Jason Becker to create “Some Assembly Required” in partnership with the Jason Becker Special Needs Trust. 

"Some Assembly Required" is a collaboration project conceptualized by Josh Villalta and Nita Strauss, combining some of the top guitarists in the world to do something incredibly special in tribute to this once-in-a-lifetime musician, Jason Becker.

Utilizing an unreleased demo of Becker's, Strauss, along with Zakk Wylde, Steve Vai, Chris Broderick, Phil Demmel, Jennifer Batten, and many more, came together, lending their hearts and souls into what's become an unforgettable, unmissable display of guitar mastery."Some Assembly Required" has quickly turned into a powerful display that is equal parts a six-string love-story and a call for action for us all to take a closer look at what can be done to help others suffering from the same degenerative disease that took hold of Becker.

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For those who may not know of Jason Becker's legacy, we'd have to travel back to 1985 when 16-year-old guitarist, Becker, partnered up with Marty Friedman as the duo Cacophony. His success at such an early age was no coincidence, his metal mastery becoming a talking point amongst his peers, going on to support some of the biggest names in rock including David Lee Roth and create some huge guitar moments as a solo artist.

As Becker's career began to blossom, Jason was diagnosed with ALS (also known as Lou Gehrig's Disease) in 1989 — at just 20 years old. As the disease progressed, Jason no longer could hold on to the instrument, but the urge to continue pushed on as he, amazingly, engineered his own way of writing music, a technique using "eye geometry" and chin movements, described further in the documentary on Becker's journey.

The guitar community has spoken and is asking for all of us to stand up and be an ally to Jason Becker and his family as he continues fighting this battle. There is an ongoing struggle to find a full-time caregiver, making proper help seem a hugely daunting challenge. Already saddled with the daily task of staying alive against all odds, there comes additional stress and worry for Jason and his family for all of the many out-of-pocket medical fees.

A full list of guitarists and friends included in the creation of "Some Assembly Required": Chris Broderick, Joe Bonamassa, Gus G, Paul Gilbert, Angel Vivaldi, Steve Vai, Steve Stevens, Rob Scallon, Jennifer Batten, Nili Brosh, Richie Kotzen, Marc Rizzo, Lari Basilio, Zakk Wylde, Alex Skolnick, Phil Demmel, NITA STRAUSS, Jason Becker, Marty Friedman, Herman Li, Steve Lukather, Jared Dines. 

Drums were recorded by Josh Villalta; Bass by Billy Sheehan; Mixed + Mastered by Nick Sampson.

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