Knocked Loose Erupts With Heavy New Single Blinding Faith

Knocked Loose Erupts With Heavy New Single Blinding Faith
Photo by Brock Fetch

The Louisville quintet always manage to bring a killer hype to their new tracks so let’s dig in!

The track opens with a slugging of strings and heavy chugs coupled with dissonance — the Knocked Loose special, before vocalist Bryan Garris’ signature “title screaming” returns. The words “BLINDING FAITH” ring out in my ears as the song explodes. With a devastatingly aggressive sound similar to tracks off “A Tear In The Fabric of Life” and lyricism reminiscent of “Gospel”, the intro track to their debut EP “Pop Culture”. I believe this song again taps into the band's outlook on religion and how it can be forced upon others to fall in line with the word of god, labelling it as a law that mustn’t be broken and the hypocrisy that follows.

“With my final breath, I deny the church”

Watch the official music video here:

Guitarist Isaac Hale reflected on his religious environment as a child; “It was just hilarious how many people showed up to church that I knew were rude, horrible, selfish people. They knew it made them seem like a better person - or if they said the words it would redeem them of any negative quality just because they showed their face.”

With this release coming off the backboard of the Upon Loss dual EP, Knocked Loose continues to rip the core scene to shreds. This in my eyes is the epitome of what Knocked Loose brings to the table in terms of hardcore aggression and sacrilegious insanity, I personally cannot wait to hear more tracks off this album!

Blinding Faith is the first single from their soon to be upcoming third album “you wont go before you’re supposed to” out May 10th, pre order and pre save it now!

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