Madonna Meets Metal in Poppy’s new track “New Way Out”

Madonna Meets Metal in Poppy’s new track “New Way Out”

Singer, songwriter, subversive performance artist, video director, and purveyor of surrealist chaos, Poppy returns with her latest genre-defying single, ‘New Way Out,’ released today via Sumerian Records. This track masterfully blends hard-hitting rock with captivating industrial pop, highlighting Poppy's dynamic vocals. Her seamless transition from pleading clean singing to passionate screams brings to life the song's message of self-growth and pulling oneself back from the edge, especially in the powerful chorus: 'cause they push to pull me down, and I’m forced to face who I’ve become, the silence screams so loud, I caught myself before the bottom... I need a new way, give me a new way out'.

The new song follows on the heels of Poppy's recent successful collaborations: Bad Omens' ‘V.A.N,’ currently climbing the Active Rock Radio charts and has entered the Top 15 at the format, and Knocked Loose's ‘Suffocate’, which broke into the Top 10 on Spotify's Viral 50 USA playlist. Poppy brings something special and very different to both releases, showing her versatility as an artist.

Supported by driving mechano-swing synth lines and robust industrial pop riffs, she wraps her vocals around themes of being pursued by 'demons' and manipulated by circumstance. Yet, there's an underlying message of resilience, pushing through a personal reckoning, but only 'if you're strong enough to lead it'. It's a powerful blend where Madonna's iconic flair meets the raw energy of metal, resulting in an electrifying and captivating sound.

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