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Maphe is a Somerset-born pop artist now based in Southeast London. She enjoys creating a wide range of music, having collaborated on tracks for TV before (and getting a play on Queer Eye), but is now settling into her own specific brand of lo-fi pop - a mix between Lorde and Maisie Peters. 

Interview questions:

  1. What 5 words would you use to describe your music?

wistful, introspective, pining, layered, poppy

2. Where is your favourite spot to write/ create? (coffee shop, park, home etc)

I work in a bar, and a lot of the tasks I do are pretty mundane - I pour pints, I wipe down the same shelves over and over, I take apart the Pepsi gun to clean it - so I tend to leave my body a little while I’m doing these things and I write a lot inside my head. I have so many scraps of lyrics written on receipt paper, and sometimes I end up using them, and sometimes I recycle certain words and ideas later on when I’m able to be more alone with my thoughts. I love writing this way because it feels really organic to me, but one issue is that often I end up writing melodies that I find difficult to sing because I don’t realise at the time they are out of my range. I also love writing in coffee shops or bars because I feel more productive in public environments. Then I go home, transfer my ideas into garage band, and work with my producer to decide what direction we want to take the song in.

3. Must have item when creating? 

Any pen and paper. I sometimes write on my notes app, but I much prefer physically writing things out because I can see my process more - I can go back to things I’ve crossed out and see where I’ve changed my mind.

4. Who did you grow up listening to?

All the pop girlies, especially Lorde, Lana Del Ray, Florence and the Machine and Marina and the Diamonds. But I love a bit of everything, all the genres (apart from jazz really, sorry). I also really loved The Neighbourhood, Years and Years, Jamie T and Tom Odell. And anything on my Dad’s jukebox. 

5. Who are your current biggest inspirations?

I think Maisie Peters is living my dream and doing it so well, her song writing is so fun and I love how much she references popular culture alongside elements from her own life.

6. How did you find your sound/style?

I’m definitely still finding it. I know that I love anything layered and messy sounding, lots of vocal layers, random noises, humming. I think I’m bad at writing choruses in a traditional sense, and usually end up just piling different melodies and lyrics on top of each other. 

7. Anyone you would like to collaborate with?

Too many people to name! I’m very used to working with producers, and I really enjoy that range. For the Maphe project especially I work with Joe Connor who is so so talented and really gets the sort of style that I like. I would love to try working with some other singers in the future, maybe a duet of some sort. My dream collaboration with be Charli XCX or MØ, I just think that would be so much fun.

8. What instrument would you like to learn if any?

I wish I could play the guitar, I tried for so long and am still so bad. I think I’ve finally accepted my fate of just being a writer and a singer. Oh I also desperately wanted to play the harp when I was younger. If I could wake up tomorrow and just do it, that would be nice. 

9. If you had to include a kazoo or a triangle in every single song you make, which would you choose?

Triangle. No doubt about it, there’s something kind of melancholy and lonely about it I really feel like I could make work. Although I do have some bad blood with the triangle, as I was kicked out of my secondary school orchestra for not being able to play it well enough. Like I said, I guess instruments just really aren’t for me.

10. What is your favourite music venue? (to attend as a fan or play as an artist)

I’ve played the Troubadour a couple times now, which is a really cool venue, it always feels pretty intimate which I like. I also love any small music venue that supports up and coming artists- I’m trying to attend as many gigs as possible at the moment. 

11. Which festival would you love to play at?

I’m from Somerset, so grew up going to Glastonbury Festival, and playing there is my ultimate dream above anything else. I think it’s one of the best places on earth - pure magic.

12. Who would you love to tour with and what is your dream venue to play?

Taylor Swift, yes please. Any venue, any time. 

13. Favourite part of a show when performing?

When I feel like people are listening. As a small artist, when playing on a bill with other artists, I know that a lot of the crowd isn’t there to specifically see me and that’s fair enough, so when it feels like people are actively listening and engaging it feels so special.

14. Funny stories from playing a show?

I started off as a wedding singer in my early teens, which was super fun for me. The funniest thing is just looking back and realising how young I was when I was playing those shows, and how scared. 

15. Future goals?

My main future goal is to just keep writing, releasing and gigging. I would really love to play a festival in the future too. 

16. Are you working on anything at the moment?

Yes, I have so many releases planned for this year! I have some songs I’ve been sat on for years, and I just want them all out. I’m also constantly writing - I love the idea that I haven’t written my favourite song yet. Everything I start something new it’s a completely blank slate that could turn out to be anything, and that’s so wonderful.

17. Can you recommend one of your songs and a song by another artist for our readers to listen to?

My favourite song of my own is ‘insecure’, I wrote it and released it so quickly compared to how I usually work, and it just feels organic and personal to me. My song recommendation would be ‘Don’t You Find’ by Jamie T. To me it’s just perfection, no notes. 

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