Movement's Ruckus tour hits Virginia

Movement's Ruckus tour hits Virginia

Pærish was a great opening act! They had such an amazing sense of rhythm going throughout their set. It was just unfortunate they had such a short set. Definitely a band leaving you wanting more, I especially enjoyed their last song. They said it was their first set of shows in the United States which seems mind boggling as I definitely think a band of that caliber should be worldwide travellers by now.

Webbed Wing

Next up, was Webbed Wing. Paerish was definitely a hard act to follow up, but these guys brought their energy! With songs that would fit on so many playlists, the crowd was definitely enjoying the vibe. Webbed Wing definitely has some great hits and could fit well alongside so many bands, as shown by their wide repertoire of tours.

Tigers Jaw

Tigers Jaw came out with an upbeat energy that was intoxicating. Their vocals were absolutely mesmerizing! Immediately head bop worthy from start to finish. I couldn’t get their fourth & fifth songs out of my head, unfortunately my goldfish memory in the moment didn’t think to remember to add them to my Spotify. I don’t know what spell was cast on the crowd, but they were singing along it as if the band was just amplified through them.


Movements will never disappoint! The crowd erupted as soon as they hit the stage. What was more impressive was that the crowd started to sing before the band could even get to the mics. Their performance was 10 out of 10. Their light systems only elevated the vibe with their cotton candy explosions of color. After the crowd was told that RVA was one of their favorite cities -oh boy- the crowd surfers FLOODED the venue. Absolutely a must see band and tour - especially in the RVA area if you can!

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