Pop-Punk Duo HVSHI Unleashes New EP 'Beautiful, Broken' to the World

Pop-Punk Duo HVSHI Unleashes New EP 'Beautiful, Broken' to the World

Hailing from the PNW, HVSHI started with solo artist Shaden Nugent but later formed into a duo featuring Davey Banks. After initially cutting their teeth in the emo-rap scene, HVSHI has found a home in the pop-punk scene. Blending pop-punk and hip-hop, their music makes it easy for anyone to relate to. HVSHI describes the meaning of the EP as “It's okay to be broken, and there is still beauty in that.”

The first track set the tone for the album for me. “BWYT” rap verses over the crunchy guitars perked my ears. If I could describe it, I’d say Blackbear meets State Champs. The track goes into finding comfort in someone who shares the same kinds of struggles.

“Brightside” includes the first feature of the album with LASKO. The song keeps up the pop-punk vibe as “BWYT” and packs just as big of a punch. The second verse includes a catchy hip-hop beat that leads into the bridge and sets up perfectly for the chorus. 

The title track, “Beautiful, Broken,” is the ideal anthem you would expect from a solid pop-punk anthem. The song has everything you want with strong drums and powerful lyrics with driving guitars. The lyrics really hit deep and tell a story. After the initial listen, I had to replay it back to back because I enjoyed it that much and couldn't stop bobbing my head.   

Overall, this is such a complete album. I love going into these reviews blind with no expectations and falling in love with the album. Beautiful, Broken doesn't have a skippable track, but I’ll let you decide for yourself. If you're looking for a new band and album to add to your playlist, this is my first recommendation. HVSHI takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions with this one, and it's one of my favorite albums I’ve listened to recently.

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