Preview: You Won’t Go Before You’re Supposed To - Knocked Loose

Preview: You Won’t Go Before You’re Supposed To - Knocked Loose

After a long wait, Louisville quintet are back with their new album ‘You Won’t Go Before You're Supposed To’ and with it, an explosive new sound from the band. It hits record stores and streaming platforms on Friday. So let’s take a look at why you should be excited for this release.

Knocked Loose have been working on this album for the past 4 years, previously never experiencing any external pressure to produce anything more than what they were happy with but now all eyes are on them. Following an incredibly busy year of touring, Knocked Loose have now gained a huge new following, after playing some of the biggest stages in the world including 2 truly hectic sets at Coachella. This new found status has put more pressure on them than ever before, but that hasn’t stopped them. 

After writing over 40 songs, the band finally settled on 10 for the album. We’ve already heard 3! 'Blinding Faith', a song which delves deep into the religious group mentality. 'Don’t Reach For Me' takes the bands frenzied sound, bringing in a new found catchiness, bound to be huge at live shows. And finally, we have 'Suffocate' featuring Poppy. With an array of syncopated grooves, this song hits hard whilst allowing room to breathe.

The album is also set to feature Chris Motionless on 'Slaughterhouse 2'. It’s not a direct follow up to 'Slaughterhouse' from Motionless in White's latest album but more of a nod and acknowledgment, either way we’re excited to hear this song!

The album itself comes from a line a passenger, on a particularly rough flight, said to Bryan: "You won’t go before you’re supposed to". While the message has a reassuring sound to it, that’s not what Knocked Loose are about. On this album, they don’t avoid the negatives but, in fact, embrace them in a way they haven’t before. These tracks go much harder and much faster than before, unleashing a true frenzy of sound upon the listener, but still never straying far from what made them. Bryan’s writing still features a clarity that many other writers lack. Below the brutal layers of crushing guitars and thrashing drums, lays much deeper meaning which unfolds as each track progresses. 

If 2024 is the year for hardcore, then let it start with Knocked Loose as they break the surface and reach new heights within mainstream music. If the first 3 singles are anything to go by then this album will easily sit at the top of the 'album of the year' list for many. ‘You Won’t Go Before You’re Supposed To.’ Is out on Friday 10th May and will be available at all major record stores and across all major streaming platforms. 

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