Promises Unsaid break necks with "Revenge of the Smoothie King"

Promises Unsaid break necks with "Revenge of the Smoothie King"

3 years after the initial release of “The Smoothie King,” NY band, Promises Unsaid, release “Revenge of the Smoothie King” and revenge absolutely encapsulates the tone of their new single. Coming in with a much heavier tone that it’s predecessor, it’s clear that Promises Unsaid are looking to push boundaries of metalcore and rap-rock. 

In the last 3 years, it’s evident that the band has evolved significantly. With a much heavier sound, they’re able to mix their well established clean vocals, rap sections, and unclean vocals to make a fun and upbeat but simultaneous heavy song full of growls that flow seamlessly into rap. Throughout the song you can tell that the band had fun with this song, not only in lyrics, but with the music video as well.

In contrast to their music video for “The Smoothie King,” where they were playing at the bottom of a skate park bowl with skaters gliding around them through the song, the band also brought their new tone to this new music video. Flashing between a WWE style match and the band, the growth they’ve experienced in the last 3 years is also evident. They seem much more at home and confident in “Revenge of the Smoothie King” and it’s impossible to miss.  

One of the most stand out lines from the song speaks to, in my opinion, their growth on several fronts. “Regret, relive, repent, regret, relive, re-I refuse to repeat,” followed by a nasty break down flows perfectly and I can imagine that being one of the top listened to sections of this song. Cutting between a climatic wrestling scene and the band moving through the break down, hair flips, air punches, and kicks included, this final breakdown is definitely a killer way to end this track.  

From the growth they’ve experienced in the last three years alone, Promises Unsaid is only getting start and will have so many solid, head banging songs in the future. With a high energy and strong online presence, these guys have fun with what they’re doing and it shows. I’m looking forward to seeing what else they release and how they continue to push boundaries of genres and mix them where they can. 

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