PVRIS turned Troxy into ‘their house’ for the last night of tour

PVRIS turned Troxy into ‘their house’ for the last night of tour

Tonight’s line-up featured many empowering women in the alternative scene including Sophie Powers, Scene Queen and PVRIS. 

Sophie started off the night with her latest single 'Obsessed' before leading into 'Clearview,' and 'Nosebleed'. The crowd reacted so well to her opening set and her stage presence was amazing! The drum beats and catchy lyrics combined with what sounded like video game sounds in the background of the songs filled the room as everyone cheered her on. 

Next up was Scene Queen who performed her set with so much energy and continued to hype the crowd up for the main act. She got everyone headbanging and got several ‘twerkle pits’ started. The room was filled with heavy drumbeats and guitar riffs while everyone danced and moshed along. She also started with her latest single ‘Finger’ off her soon to be released debut album ‘Hot Singles in Your Area’ before leading into the iconic ‘18+’.

She brought out Sam Matlock from Wargasm to perform ‘Barbie & Ken’ with her which was well received by the crowd before asking the Tour Manager if she could do an encore because the crowd wasn't hyped up enough for her liking. He then proceeded to bring a giant clock on stage and put the time back as everyone cheered. She ended her set with 'Pink Rover' featuring some screams while her guitarist did the most insane jumps all while playing. 

PVRIS then took to the stage, beginning their last show of the UK/EU tour with ‘I DON’T WANNA DO THIS ANYMORE’ which certainly was not the sentiment they gave off as Lynn Gunn ran back and forth across the stage interacting with fans. The entire night was magical from the light display to Lynn’s vocals, the guitar riffs, drums, and fans dancing and singing the lyrics back. I’ve never heard such a loud crowd before. 

 The setlist contained all the fan favourites from all their albums and was the perfect mix of songs for everyone to enjoy whether they were an old or new fan. Just when you thought every song couldn’t get better, they did, and with each song, the crowd got louder and louder. Lynn’s vocal range will never cease to amaze me and every time I see PVRIS live I will still be in awe. They’re one of my favourite bands to see live as they always put on such an amazing show. Their music doesn’t fit into one specific genre which makes it so interesting as it can’t be compared to any other bands.

Lynn spent the night running across the stage and jumping on to the speakers to make sure everyone could see and was involved and to be closer to her fans. The crowd was so loud for the latest single ‘Oil & Water’ and then continued to bring the volume up for every song after that. Fans held up their torches for ‘You and I’ making the already magical song even more special. Lynn then told the crowd how it was the last day of tour so she could go hard on the vocals with no consequences, and she sure did for the rest of the night! She added screams to ‘Burn The Witch’ and ‘Take My Nirvana’ which she did so effortlessly while transitioning between screams and sung lyrics. It was so impressive and made them even more special live, I now wish the screams were in the studio versions too!

They then left the stage before coming back out for a 2-song encore which included ‘My House’, one of my all-time favourite PVRIS songs, and by this point you could hear the crowd louder than the actual band! I mean PVRIS certainly did make Troxy, ‘their house’ tonight. The last song of the night was ‘Goddess’ where Lynn summoned Scene Queen back on stage for the last verse by saying ‘twerkle pit’ 3 times! The whole band then spent a while after their set, throwing out guitar picks to the eager fans and scrunching up setlists before taking it in turns to boot them off the stage. And just like that, it’s the end of tour! (well until the US leg that is). 

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