Rivals Brings World’s Worst Valentine Tour To Atlanta

Rivals Brings World’s Worst Valentine Tour To Atlanta

You could feel the excitement in the venue as fans filed in the doors and through the security of Center Stage-Vinyl. Fans traded bracelets as they waited for the opening act to come on. 

 The singer/songwriter from Sacramento, MVSSIE, was the first to take the stage. She was the perfect opening act to get the crowd warmed up. MVSSIE has major Paramore vibes and the energy to match. The band covered a Paramore song, “That’s What You Get,"  much to the crowd's delight. After the first verse, MVSSIE got off the stage and into the crowd. This is the kind of crowd interaction that I absolutely love to see. Make sure to check out her brand new single “Bite Me” and catch her on the rest of the Rivals tour. 


Up next was True North. While claiming to be the “boyband nobody asked for,” they delivered an incredible performance that kept the audience engaged from start to finish. The lead singer's powerful voice, combined with the band's tight musicianship, created a captivating experience. Each song builds on the previous one, maintaining a dynamic and engaging setlist.


Finally, the crowd got rowdy as they waited for Rivals to take the stage. Drummer Josh Alves entered the stage with bright, saturated blue and red lights. The crowd was pumped and ready to go! Kalie Wolfe, RIVALS’ vocalist, stormed the stage and gazed into the crowd of fans, instantly igniting the crowd’s excitement. 


The band kicked off with the hit single “Nobody Loves Me” as the crowd sang the song back to Wolfe word for word. Midway through their set, the band slowed things down a bit as Wolfe told the story of her little nephew Dom, who tragically lost his mother at the age of 5. Followed up with a heartfelt performance of “To Dom," Wolfe got emotional all throughout the performance, and it allowed the depth of the lyrics to take center stage. It was a memorable moment that showcased Rivals' versatility and ability to connect with their fans on a deeper level. 


The crowd went absolutely feral as RIVALS performed the new single “Worlds Worst Valentine." Overall, Rivals' live performance was a masterclass in showmanship. Their ability to forge a deep connection with the audience, combined with their musical talent and stage presence, made for an exhilarating and unforgettable night. After the set, Wolfe and Alves went to the merchandise stand to meet with every fan that stopped by, and you could really see the genuine connection that they share with their fans. 

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