Royal Blood deliver monumental 10th anniversary show at Brixton

Royal Blood deliver monumental 10th anniversary show at Brixton

Royal Blood took to the stage at the O2 Academy in Brixton to celebrate their 10th anniversary, and what a celebration it was. Following a gig in Bournemouth, the previous day, this was the first of two nights in London for the rock duo and they delivered a show that was nothing short of monumental.

Support for the night came from Crawlers, a band formed in 2018, who set the tone with a heavy nine-song set. The venue was already packed by the time they hit the stage, a testament to their rapidly growing fanbase and popularity in the music scene. If you missed them, make sure to check out Crawlers on Spotify – their heavy playlists are a must-listen.

When Mike Kerr and Ben Thatcher finally took the stage, they opened with 'Out of the Black', and from the first note, the audience broke into thunderous cheers. The stage was awash with strobes and haze as Mike’s iconic vocals cut through the venue. Mosh pits quickly formed, and Thatcher even joined the crowd, where he was lifted up like a god-like figure – a fitting tribute to his skill behind the drumkit.

The energy from the opening didn't let up. By the time they launched into 'Little Monster', Thatcher took another break from his drums, this time to make way for Shane Hawkins, son of the legendary Taylor Hawkins of Foo Fighters. Shane’s performance was a highlight, bringing a grunge feel that paid perfect homage to the song’s roots. It was a special moment, underscoring the familial ties and influences in rock music.

The production of the show was nothing short of spectacular. Towering light rigs and a wall of lights flanked the stage, doubling the band’s presence and adding dramatic emphasis to their performance.

As the night progressed, Royal Blood showcased tracks from their debut album, along with material from 2021’s 'Typhoons' and 2023’s 'Back to the Water Below'. Their newer songs featured swung rhythms, extra background textures, and even a supplemental keyboard, providing a refreshing contrast to their earlier, more stripped-back, heavier sound. A dramatic piano intro lent extra weight to 'Pull Me Through', while a gothic organ added a haunting layer to 'Boilermaker'.

Despite the occasional sense of déjà vu, where some of their tighter riffs and repeated choruses blended into one another, the crowd's reaction was a clear indicator of their enduring appeal. Royal Blood’s live show, meticulously orchestrated with no room for improvisation, delivered a powerful, cathartic experience that left fans more than satisfied.

Royal Blood's anniversary show at Brixton was a testament to their decade-long journey in the rock scene. They proved that their heavy-hitting approach continues to captivate audiences, providing a night of headbanging choruses, extended instrumentals, and electrifying stage presence. This was truly a show not to miss.