Samira Hills

Samira Hills

(she/her) - @samirahills

Samira Hills is an Alternative Pop Artist based in London. She describes herself as a "Sparkly, angry pop girl" merging soulful lyrics with euphonious melodies to denote a kaleidoscope of empowerment, freedom and love. Samira believes her “oddity is her superpower” and encourages her fans to cherish their own uniqueness. Her eclectic and electric sound aims to inspire and nurture those who feel misunderstood which allows her listeners to enter a world of magic, emotion and liberation.  

Samira has devoted her entire life to music and performance. In her own words “I was born to be on a stage”. As a multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter and producer she feels it is her responsibility to spread positivity through the power of music. 

Her love and support for the LGBTQ community creates an inclusive online listening experience for all. Samira is here for the girls, gays and theys, with her music offering a sense of pride and euphoria to those who embark on her soulful journey. 

She looks forward to sharing more of her music and her story in 2024 and invites everyone, despite their differences, to join her on a journey filled with confidence, success and self-love


1. What 5 words would you use to describe your music? 

Anthemic, sparkly, cathartic, bold and honest. 

2. Where is your favourite spot to write/ create? 

My bedroom. It is my safe space and where I do most of my writing. However, I also enjoy writing in the studio. Especially when I am collaborating with other artists and producers. 

3. Must have item when creating? 

I wish I had a better answer for this but if I am to answer phone. Specifically, the voice memo app. I have the memory of a goldfish so unless I record my ideas immediately, I will forget them. I have learnt that the hard way! 

4. Who did you grow up listening to? 

I grew up listening to all of the female pop icons. Madonna, Britney, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Cyndi Lauper, Kylie minogue. I grew up listening to alot of 80s music too. My mum was a child of the 80s so this is probably why. 

5. Who are your current biggest inspirations? 

The women in my family have inspired me greatly. Particularly on my mother’s side. They have shown real perseverance and strength. Musically, Jessie J had a huge influence on me growing up. I had a real tough time at school, and I would always turn to Jessie J’s music to pick me up. She was also the first artist I saw live. 

6. How did you find your sound/style? 

I found my sound through experimenting and exploring different genres. In some ways I believe I am still discovering it. I never want to feel restricted to one particular genre - music is all about freedom for me. No rules, no expectation, no pressure. If I find myself making music just to impress people or meet their expectations of what’s “good”, I have to remind myself why I started making music in the first place, which is because I love creating. Although, I am a pop gal through and through. Pop music is in my blood. 

7. Anyone you would like to collaborate with? 

I want to work with Charli XCX and I believe I could one day. In my opinion she is pop royalty at this point. I would also love to work with Troye Sivan. I have always loved his sound. 

8. What instrument would you like to learn if any? 

I would like to learn how to play the saxophone. I think they are one of the most wonderful and emotional sounding instruments to ever exist. It is my dream to have a saxophone solo in one of my records. 

9. If you had to include a kazoo or a triangle in every single song you make, which would you choose? 

I am pretty sure my mum had kazoo lessons at school, so probably a kazoo. I just hope she wouldn’t charge me to have her featured on all of my songs. 

10. What is your favourite music venue? (to attend as a fan or play as an artist) 

This is super cliche but, Wembley Stadium. I live next door to Wembley stadium so I can really feel the buzz when there's an artist playing. I crave that feeling. I can see the arch from my window. I fantasise about it most days. It’s so BIG. 

11. Which festival would you love to play at? 

 I would love to play at London Pride. As a member of the LGBTQ community, I hold pride close to my heart. 

12. Who would you love to tour with and what is your dream venue to play? 

I would love to tour with MUNA. They’re such a fierce band and I love their music. My dream venue is either Wembley Stadium or the Utilita Arena in Birmingham. Growing up in Birmingham, I saw so many concerts at the Utilita Arena. It would be such a surreal, loophole moment if I was to play there. 

13. Favourite part of a show when performing? 

Seeing the audience sing my songs. It blows my mind when people know the words to my songs. 

14. Funny stories from playing a show? 

I nearly threw up on the front row after taking a tequila shot on stage. Quite disgusting, I know. 

15. Future goals? 

To be playing as many shows as possible. Live music is my favourite thing in the entire world. I really believe I was born to be on a stage, entertaining people. 

16. Are you working on anything at the moment? 

Yes! I am working on releasing my first EP. The EP explores the pressures, the disappointment and the reality of romance vs Hollywood romance. I can’t say much more than that, but I believe it is my best work yet. 

17. Can you recommend one of your songs and a song by another artist for our readers to listen to? 

Absolutely! Towards the end of 2023 I released a song called ‘Girl Of Your Dreams’. It is a song I wrote about falling in love with your best friend, being rejected by them and then dealing with the breakdown of that friendship. There is a real sense of resolution in the track, so I recommend giving it a listen if you're suffering from heartbreak right now. PS. You’ll get through it. 

A song that I am loving at the moment is ‘Yes, and?’ by Ariana Grande. It’s giving fierce, independent woman energy and I am so here for it. Although, I have done the forbidden thing of setting it as my alarm sound in the morning so I will probably hate it next week LOL. 

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