Set It Off Are Back with A Tale of Deceit with New Single ‘Fake Ass Friends’:

Set It Off Are Back with A Tale of Deceit with New Single ‘Fake Ass Friends’:

 Set It Off are continuing to power into their independent era with a tale of deceit in ‘Fake Ass Friends’. Coming after previous singles ‘Parasite’, ‘Evil People’ and ‘Punching Bag’ this new one carries the same anger laced tone – an exploration of unreciprocated loyalty and broken trust.

Rhythm guitar leads you into the twisted tale of deceitful friendship, strategically timed to emphasise the lyrics throughout the verse. It slowly builds, both instrumentally and vocally moving from a rapier style to ballad like vocals for the chorus. 

The chorus carries a note of vibrance within the vocals, seemingly enjoying the sarcastic hint included in the lyrics. Despite the topic you can almost feel that the band had fun with this one. 

The second verse allows the drums to develop bringing in Set It Off’s typical genre bending element with a quick succession of bass pedals and a heavier groove. The second chorus leaves a brief moment to increase vocal layering, a standout moment in ‘Fake Ass Friends’. Coming in at just over two minutes, the final chorus wraps up the track leaving you wanting to listen again.

‘Fake Ass Friends’ explores a topic Set It Off haven’t shied away from before but through a darker and more forthcoming lens. Drummer Maxx Danziger feels like Set It Off are “a new band again” and ‘Fake Ass Friends’ is a testimony to that with its fresh rock sound. 

With forthright lyrics and strong instrumentals this new track has followed on impressively from their previous with clear artistic vision. 

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