'Shame On Me' by Catch Your Breath: Breathtaking

'Shame On Me' by Catch Your Breath: Breathtaking

Texas-hailing Alt-rock/metalcore 4-piece Catch Your Breath has been on the rise in 2023. Touring with huge names like AtreyuMemphis May Fire and even Slaughter to Prevail across the states and boasting a Friday slot at Blue Ridge Rock Fest ’23, it is safe to say the boys have been busy boosting their fan base – and with huge recent releases like the singles "Dial Tone" and "Savages," they have the means to back up their success.

The band’s debut album Shame On Me, released on October 20th brings together many of their hits from the last year or so, including the still-charting "Dial Tone," the fan-favourite title track "Shame On Me," and – accompanying the full release – the earworm "Dying on the Inside," as well as a solid collection of deep cuts that fill in the gaps. Much of the album’s lyrical material – delivered by vocalist Joshua Mowery – focus on personal struggles with mental health issues, forming relationships, and sombre existentialism, and despite these being well-fleshed-out topics, Catch Your Breath to find their niche, allowing their emotive messages to be interpreted by the individual listener. 

“Another day another chance to
Wake up and hate myself
Or try to drown it out”
 – Mirror

Sonically, Catch Your Breath fits into the well-established crossover between metalcore and alt-rock, reminiscent of huge names like Bad OmensThe Plot in You, and even parts of Bring Me The Horizon’s diverse discography. Clean-heavy vocals with the odd screams mixed in (Mowery is a beast, by the way) along with heavy, melodic riffs on down-tuned guitars and tight, rhythmic drum patterns combine with a dense soundscape of synths to produce a clean, modern sound that easily conveys the heavy emotional content that the band is communicating. As well as this, Catch Your Breath manages to mix in motifs and even whole sections of certain tracks that draw heavily from modern Hip-hop – even going so far as to collaborate with hip-hop artist Ekoh on "Mirror" for a groovy second verse – making their Linkin Park and A Day to Remember influences clear. It’s a great sound, and it's refreshing to see an artist integrating so many different styles and influences into their music.

Speaking of sound, the guitar work is a big highlight on the record for me – although I’m definitely biased as a guitarist myself. More specifically, Cianan Madigan on the bass guitar carries some sections – it's TASTY – and it definitely takes courage to have the bass be so prominent in the mix, especially with many modern guitar-centric groups neglecting the need for one entirely. 

“You will never
Hear me out
But it's over now
Over now

Blegh!” – Cycles

Guitar-wise, Teddy Herera boasts some crazy moments all across the record, my favourites being the opening riffs to "Cycles" and "Don’t Go," – which help break up the general sombre atmosphere with bouncy guitar work that’s just asking for a crazy mosh pit – as well as the crazy breakdowns that are littered across the tracklist, "No Evils" being a stand-out for me. The drums – handled by Onell Hernandez – are consistently excellent. Despite never really taking centre stage – save for the hip-hopier sections – Hernandez does his job masterfully, complimenting the energetic riffs and catchy choruses with exceptionally tight, rhythmic grooves that pull the band’s sound together.

Shame On Me is an excellent debut record from an up-and-coming band in Catch Your Breath, and with tickets for their upcoming US tour with From Ashes to New and The Word Alive flying off the shelves, I have no doubt their rapid growth through 2023 is only the start of a mammoth career. It's great to see a band being unafraid of trying new things and making the music they want to make, and while comparisons to established artists are easy to make, Catch Your Breath has a signature sound that will set them apart throughout their subsequent releases. These guys are definitely the ones to watch.

Shame On Me is now available on all major streaming platforms, as well as physical editions and merch purchasable through Catch Your Breath’s online store and Thriller Records.

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