Silverstein Brings 'This Is How The Wind Shifts' to San Antonio

Silverstein Brings 'This Is How The Wind Shifts' to San Antonio

Silverstein yet again pulls off another amazing tour. Putting together old and new songs, along with their full album This Is How The Wind Shifts, for the first and only time they'll ever do so! Along with having a live setlist, vote for fans to pick during each set! Alongside the iconic band are AVOID and Stray From The Path. making this one hell of a tour package. 


Starting off the show is AVOID. This band from Seattle really amps you up for what's to come in this tour package. Benny Scholl ( lead vocals ) really showcases his vocals and energy on this tour by playing songs from the albums Cult Mentality and The Burner. With guitar riffs making you ready to start a mosh pit and drum hits hard enough to get you to feel like a main character, this band truly is amazing at making you feel hyped. 

Next up is Stray From The Path. Hailing from New York/United Kingdom, these guys give you a style of Hardcore, outspoken aggression that truly is amping to listen to. Playing from their albums Euthanasia, Subliminal Criminals and Internal Atomic, this band really has no slowing down in energy. This unique-styled band was so mesmerizing to me as it got me dancing, wanting to jump and scream lyrics. It makes sense why they open for Silverstein.

Last and not least is “ Silverstein “ coming all the way from Canada, this nostalgic band truly makes you feel all your emotions if you ever had an emo phase or even just really loved them!

 Playing the full album, This is How the Wind Shifts for the first and only time was bittersweet as this album truly is nostalgic.  Not only did we get a full album, but we also got to listen to them perform some of their greatest hits like “Smile in Your Sleep," "The Afterglow," "Infinite," "Bad Habits,” and more. 

Throughout the night there was An amazing amount of people singing along and dancing and just feeling free. It was a night of pure bliss. Having said that, not only were people coming together in the crowd, but we also got to come together and vote for a song to be played! It was the first time I was able to pick a song during a concert. 

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