Simple Plan Discography Ranking

Simple Plan Discography Ranking
Simple Plan

Nicholas Uribe

  1. Get Your Heart On

Putting this album so far down doesn’t feel right. this is definitely their most underrated album by far. Especially with some of my favorite songs that deserves more love, aka Astronaut & Loser Of The Year. I honestly don’t have anything bad to say. I feel like the shift in sound and the length between the and their previous album just didn’t make it land as much as others album in the discography.

  1. Harder Than It Looks

THEY RETURN! Almost after 6 years hiatus, they return with a monster of the album Harder Than It Looks. In all honesty if the previous albums didn’t have nostalgia factor to them this album would’ve ranked higher. Returning to the scene almost as if they never left, Harder Than It Looks hits the sound waves just like before. You can tell that each track was curated with the utmost care. Makes it fit perfectly in their discography damn near close to bring the nostalgic factor.

  1. Simple Plan

Almost 4 years later after the release of Still Not Getting Anything the boys return with their self titled album. While listening to the album, you can tell the pass of time with the shift in tone that they pursued to the more angstier pop punk sound. In no means is it any dip in quality but you can tell that they were trying to follow suit with how the overall sound of the scene was going. They still somehow mange to make it their own & make it work for them.

  1. Still Not Getting Any

The follow up album to what I, and many others, consider the perfect album. Still Not Getting Any does not disappoint. Almost pound for pound competing with their previous album. Sound wise, it stays consistent and improves on what worked on for No Pads, No Helmet..Just Balls. Arguably just as perfect as their first album. I feel like the impact this album had at the time kept the guys on a trail blaze only releasing 2 years later. You could definitely hear it in the music that they were determined not to fall to the Sophomore curse.

  1. No Pads, No Helmet...Just Balls

In 2002 freshmen album No Pads, No Helmet..Just Balls exploded on the scene. Overall an perfect album in my opinion. It perfectly encompasses who Simple Plan are & their sound. With break out racks like I’d Do Anything, The Worst Day Ever, I’m Just A Kid, Addicted & many more! Almost each song on the album is unforgettable. Bangers from front to back! This was an easy pick for the #1 ranking. Especially since this is the album people think of when they think of Simple Plan.