Sink In Excites With "Cabin Fever"

Sink In Excites With "Cabin Fever"
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Sink In returns with their second single of 2023 to finish off the year strong and once again provide an earworm that will find its way into my daily listening rotation just in time for 2024. With "Snow in LA" being the band's first release after their 2022 album Welcome to Phantomland and how catchy and fun I thought that single was, my expectations and excitement when the band announced a second single this year were both high and put it shortly they did not disappoint.

"Cabin Fever" brings what is starting to feel like Sink In's signature high energy and good vibes that they don't fail to bring to their music, making every release just feel exciting. After just a couple of listens, the song became stuck in my head, and I couldn’t stop singing it to myself. I'm excited to see this band continue to grow and anticipated for whatever they do next, my expectations for them are raised again and I can feel confident saying I'm sure they'll blow them out of the water again.

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