Taylor Acorn took over London for the night!

Taylor Acorn took over London for the night!

South Arcade were first to take to the stage and prepare the crowd for what was to come. They started off with ‘Silverlight’ before transitioning into ‘Riptide’ and fan favourite ‘Sound Of An Empty Room’. They certainly brought the energy and the crowd loved them. 

Guitarist, Harry Winks and bassist, Ollie Green were jumping in unison during their set while drummer, Leigh Johns brought the beats and Harmony Cavelle killed it on vocals. I’m sure they’ll be filling out rooms this size on their own soon! It was so great to see them again, every time their stage presence and fanbase has grown since the last time. 

Next up, Taylor Acorn took to the stage full of energy and started singing ‘Gray’ while bouncing around the stage and encouraging fans to clap along. Next on the setlist, was 'Wishing You Hell’ which appeared to be a fan favourite as the volume of fans singing the lyrics back increased astronomically. 

Then they played a few more songs before sitting down to sing ‘True Crime’ acoustically, taking us back to Taylor’s country days while she reminisced about how she was so glad she decided not to give up music a few years ago when she almost quit, before singing an acoustic cover of ‘Jamie All Over’ by Mayday Parade which is the cover that helped her get back into loving music and pivot from country to pop-punk. They then revealed that they decided to do this cover 5 minutes before going on stage.  

The set then continued with fans waving their arms back and worth while Taylor sang ‘Coma’ and ‘Greener’. The drummer and guitarist also brought so much energy to the stage by throwing and catching their drumsticks every few beats and spinning and jumping around while shredding on the guitar. Next up were some of my favourite songs including ‘Basement’, ‘Certified Depressant’ and ‘Psycho’ before an encore featuring ‘Shapeshifting’. 

The energy in the room was electric and I can say for sure that all her fans were glad she didn’t give up music either. She has helped so many people by breaking down the stigma around mental health through her pop-punk songs with a country spin that some describe as ‘y’allternative’. 

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