The Dead Daisies at the House of Blues, San Diego

The Dead Daisies at the House of Blues, San Diego

Fans at the barricade, up in the balcony, and everywhere in between came to experience some rock and roll at the House of Blues, San Diego, on Wednesday night.

Hot for Crime, a California band with punk, rock, and grunge sounds, started things off with high energy that got the audience going. The charismatic lead singer’s strong voice and the fun this instrumentally strong band was having with each other got everyone fired up.

Clarke was next to perform. This old school rock and roll trio was solid, and all eyes were on the talented and gifted Clarke as he sang and shredded his guitar. This is a group of great musicians playing fantastic songs. This band captures your attention. Gilby Clarke has a quiet confidence with extreme capability. He knows and feels music. He gets it, and he makes it look easy.

Headlining the night was the Dead Daisies, a supersonic rock band composed of lead singer John Corabi, guitarists Doug Aldrich and David Lowy, Bassist Michael Devin, and drummer Tommy Clufetos. The band fired up the crowd by opening up their 17-song set with their new song, “Light ‘em up,” which is the title of the new album being released in September. The band engaged the audience all night and encouraged audience participation. The great camaraderie between these masterful musicians was very apparent all night, and during the band introductions, each member played a snippet of other well-known songs. The crowd loved it. The Dead Daisies absolutely smashed it on their instruments. Corabi is a class act who also has killer vocals (and it would be a dream to sit and have a conversation with him), the guitar pairing of Aldrich and Lowy give you chills with their solos and rhythm, Devin brings the groove with perfect and energetic bass playing, and fierce-playing Clufetos sets the pulse on drums. These guys are a complete package! The show ended with a rockin’ version of Helter Skelter that had everyone pumped and on their feet. It was a night of rock and roll at its finest!

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