The Home Team brings the heat with "Hell"

The Home Team brings the heat with "Hell"

The Home Team keeps bringing the heat with their 3rd single drop, “Hell.” The single is accompanied by their third music video directed by Sam Link, who has matched the energy of each song so perfectly. For this single, we get a unique animated music video that shifts perspective, style, and era of several well loved video games and other iconic animations. Even featuring 8-bit graphics, a lovely 80’s styled dragon, and an absolutely amazing rendition of the band as Guitar Hero characters. 

“Hell” starts out with a simple rhythm and a sharp “Hell” that transitions the rhythm to bass and grove that we know and love from The Home Team. Brian Butcher’s vocal come in synthy and maintain the unique lyricism they’re known for while keeping the heavy and groovy vibe this song brings from the start. The sharp “Hell” from the start of the song brings in the second verse and also transitions from Butcher’s portion of the animated music video to their drummer’s, Daniel Matson, portion of the music video. The transition fits perfect for the song as well since this is where they seem to fully embrace the heavier tone of the song.

Although this song is undoubtedly heavier than their others, it still has The Home Team recipe of catchy riffs, choruses, and amazing lyrics. I have no doubt that even after one listen, “How, how, are you still running around, round?” is going to stuck in my head for, at the very least, a week. The final verse of is the perfect close to this song, it’s catchy, honest, and just very much The Home Team. And the music video honestly just makes it even better as the final verse and scenes are them in Guitar Hero and facing off a fire breathing dragon. 10/10 for Sam Link, yet again.

Hell - Single Artwork

As a long time The Home Team fan, I am continually impressed with their simple ability to adapt. They’ve gone from a groovy pop, ‘trying to fit in,’ to paraphrase our past interview with them, to embracing their own sound, and now they have “Hell.” This song is still 100% The Home Team but it’s a heavier tone than they’ve ever had before. From the songs we’ve heard so far, I am absolutely loving how much they’re embracing new sounds and exploring what they can do and where they can go. 

Having a true DIY past has absolutely helped them get to where some artists are after several albums in just three. With only recently being signed to Thriller Records, The Home Team is no stranger to putting in the work and getting music out. It seems that with the, much deserved, new attention from touring with bands like Don Bronco, Senses Fail, Real Friends, and The Used, The Home Team is in a place to sink their teeth into their own talents and come out with continually amazing songs. If you can, make sure to catch their upcoming tour with Caskets- dates below!

Australia Tour:

May 10 - Perth - Amplifier Bar 
May 11 - Adelaide - Lion Arts Factory 
May 12 - Melbourne - 170 Russell 
May 15 - Wollongong - Dicey Rileys 
May 16 - Sydney - Crowbar 
May 17 - Newcastle - Newcastle Hotel 
May 18 - Brisbane - Brightside Outdoors

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