The Used Brings All They've Got to Bristol

The Used Brings All They've Got to Bristol
Photos by Tallulah Shepheard

The evening kicked off with an electrifying set from Honey Revenge, showcasing songs from their debut album "Retrovision." Decked out in coordinated pink and purple outfits, the band members perfectly matched the album cover aesthetic. Notably, Devin donned a custom t-shirt that mirrored the album's lava lamp design. They initiated the show with the crowd favourite, "Airhead," and seamlessly transitioned to other infectious tunes like"Are you impressed?" and "Rerun," leaving the audience wanting more. Ultimately, they concluded their performance with the powerful track "Distracted."

Following Honey Revenge's outstanding opening, Seattle-based rock band The Home Team took the stage. They treated the crowd to a captivating performance featuring tracks predominantly from their latest album, "Slow Bloom," along with their newest single, "Loud," and a selection of beloved older songs. My personal favorites were "Watching All Your Friends Get Rich," "Slow Bloom," and "Right Through Me."

The anticipation reached its peak as The Used, masters of emo and post-hardcore, transported their dedicated fanbase on an exhilarating journey through nostalgia. From the very beginning, it was evident that the band had perfected the art of captivating an audience, delivering an awe-inspiring performance that left everyone yearning for more. Crafting a setlist that spanned their entire discography, The Used showcased both timeless classics and deep cuts. During anthems like "The Taste of Ink" and "All That I've Got," the crowd joined in harmonious unison, passionately shouting every word back to the stage.

The band's masterful ability to seamlessly blend contagious melodies with thunderous instrumentations elevated the entire performance, invoking a wide range of emotions within the audience. Filled with raw emotion, confessional lyrics, and explosive energy, The Used brought the essence of the early 2000s back to life, resonating with the hearts of their dedicated fans. Lead singer Bert McCracken's passionate vocals, brimming with angst and vulnerability, struck a chord with every die-hard attendee. Bert McCracken's captivating stage presence effortlessly connected with the crowd, making every fan feel like an integral part of the experience.

The Used ensured that each and every concertgoer sensed the enduring bond between the band and their dedicated followers, creating an atmosphere of unity. Throughout the night, notable moments enthralled the audience, including a lively circle pit while Bert recited Shakespeare and an unforgettable cover of Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit." As the concert drew to a close, Bert concluded the night on a poignant note by distributing roses to the cheering crowd, solidifying the powerful connection established during the show.

Overall, The Used's performance was a sensational experience that captured the essence of a bygone era while resonating with the unwavering passion of their fanbase. From start to finish, the band delivered a spellbinding show, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of those in attendance.

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