Thirty Seconds to Mars in London

Thirty Seconds to Mars in London

You could feel the anticipation in the air as fans piled into The O2 Arena for Thirty Seconds to Mars' highly anticipated return to London. Despite some logistical issues, the band's dedication to their performance and their audience turned the night into an unforgettable experience.

Opening the night, was Jagwar Twin, who brought a unique, quirky and infectious energy to the stage and to be honest his presence was amazing. Kicking off the evening with elegant dark blue lights and haze, while walking on to the stage smoking. He played more upbeat songs like ‘Happy Face’ and ‘Feeling Bad (Oompah Loompa)’ which quickly won over the crowd who did appear to be sceptical about this act when he first walked on. His performance, was high in energy which provided a fitting start to the evening and set the stage for what was to come. I also loved the little devil logo that he had on the screens throughout his performance.

As the lights dimmed, a countdown on the screen for 30 Seconds to Mars built up excitement before the band made a dramatic entrance through the crowd. Opening with the energetic 'Up in the Air', accompanied by a massive confetti explosion, Jared Leto, drummer; Shannon Leto, and multi-instrumentalist; Steve Aiello set a high bar for the rest of the night.

Some of the highlights of the night for me were during ‘Up in the Air’ which proved to be an explosive opener with its connotations of rock and techno, it really set an electrifying tone for the rest of the evening.

‘Kings and Queens’ always seems to be a crowd pleaser for all the Thirty Seconds to Mars fans, and this night was no different! Pretty much everyone in the arena was singing along and it really gave off a heartwarming, communal feel to the night.

This feeling of community was only enhanced during the performance of ‘Rescue Me’ when Jared picked fans out of the crowd to join the band on stage and honestly all this love and these crowd interactions just created an amazing atmosphere.

The stage set up featured a giant triangular video screen, some astounding lighting, and confetti cannons which created a visually stunning performance. This set up was a live music photographer's dream, and we are so here for it! The visual effects were nothing short of spectacular.

Jared Leto showed genuine appreciation for the fans, and it was just evident throughout the night that he does this because he loves it. It must take a lot to keep this hype and energy up, so massive respect and love to Jared and the band.

Thirty Seconds to Mars proved that they are still a force to be reckoned with, offering a masterclass in live performance and leaving fans eagerly anticipating their next visit to London.