Two Sides of Me's 'Those Who Dream of Nothing' EP Release

Two Sides of Me's 'Those Who Dream of Nothing' EP Release
Two Sides of Me

The Virginia native band, Two Sides Of Me, released their long awaited EP, Those Who Dream Of Nothing. They immediately followed with an amazing EP release show in their home town of Lynchburg, Va. The whole line up consisted of heavy hitters in their own right. Run Home Jack taking the lead by opening up the show. Followed by Virginia’s very own, Varia. With A Sense Of Purpose closing up the openers. All for the legends themselves, Two Sides of Me, absolutely coming into their own during their headlining act.

Speaking as a creative, there are a few times where you catch yourself and realize how far you came. That realization, the moment very few actually catch because how fast everything follows; I truly believe that on that stage, that night, I caught it. Two Sides Of Me’s ‘making it’ moment if you will. That night felt like a turning point in their paths. After working with them closely this year, I can say how astonishing it is to see how much they’ve grown.

Their EP, Those Who Dream Of Nothing, starts with “Elegy,” “Glass Bones,” and “Life Eater.” “Elegy” was the first single from the EP to start the excitement of the night. And with good reason, it’s a song that will open up a pit at any moment notice. The second single, “Glass Bones” (my personal favorite), will definitely have you moving your head and wanting to dance at the same time. “Life Eater,” the last single released before the announcement of the EP, was nothing but full throttle. A perfect song to say, ‘This is who we are, We know what we’re doing, and we’re not letting up anytime soon.’ The rest of the EP, Those Who Dream Of Nothing, is filled with equally amazing songs like “Is This Where I Belong?” and “Forced to Stay.” It, in all honesty, is one of those projects that you listen to the singles prior to the release and think, ‘Okay these have to be the best songs’ …only to get completely smacked across the head by every other track being better than the next.

I was able to talk with some of the band members and asked them to share what this EP means to them. When taking to EJ, the unclean vocalist of Two Sides of Me, this is what he had to say, “I'm incredibly proud of this record. Transforming our thoughts and emotions into something tangible has been a powerful journey. Music has always been my refuge, a source of comfort in my lowest moments and a celebration in my highs. When the world felt distant, music understood. Being able to share my emotions through music, potentially connecting with someone else, is an immense privilege that I deeply value. I hope this record not only brings you comfort but also inspires you to share your own story, knowing there are others out there who might relate.”

Jonny, the drummer of Two Sides of Me (and arguably the best looking), shared this regarding the EP, "The release of our latest EP is particularly special to me because of our evolution of sound and the topics we've written about have explored much deeper than in the past and hold a special place in my heart."

I couldn’t say it better myself. After working closely with these men in the past year, I was able to see how much effort they poured into this EP. Seeing the EP not only be released but also seeing the meaningful songs shared with everyone feels surreal and I’m grateful that I have been able to call these men my friends. With how much they’ve grown in the last year I’ve known them, I’m looking forward to seeing what other bangers they make in the future. 

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