If you know me, you know how much I love this band. Australian metalcore pioneers Thornhill have done it again, releasing their unbelievable new track ‘Obsession’ after months of teasing, with clips of them playing it live having floated around since December. The track is a perfect follow up to last year’s ‘Viper Room’, inheriting the grungy grooves and sludgy guitars, alongside a sizeable helping of Thornhill’s now signature lustful atmosphere. To say I was excited for this track would be the understatement of all understatements, and ‘Obsession’ delivered me everything I could’ve possibly hoped for and more: wonderfully intimate Deftones-style vocals from Jacob Charlton; disgustingly gritty, murky guitar tones that smash home the enormous riffs that the track boasts, and a sparkling soundscape reminiscent of their last LP ’Heroine’ in its shoegaze-y glamour.

While the track definitely feels like the modern Thornhill we all know and love, ‘Obsession’ still took me by complete surprise throughout its 3-minute runtime. Initially, the drum work of Ben Maida on this track is some of the best I’ve heard – mixed to utter perfection, smashing the riffs home and reinforcing the sludgy, groove-heavy vibe of the new single – and are an absolute highlight for me. I can’t wait to see what else he has up his sleeve in this new sound. Also, Jacob’s harsh vocals are probably the best they’ve ever been, and while the track is primarily fronted with his distinctive melodic, slurred cleans, the screams in the post-chorus and breakdown are absolutely phenomenal. With a tighter vocal distortion and a far clearer mix compared to ‘Heroine’, it feels like Thornhill just keep getting better, honing their signature style and pushing Charlton to new heights as the unbelievable frontman he is.

Thornhill head out on tour across the UK and Europe this weekend, supporting Polaris and Silent Planet, and I absolutely cannot wait to hear ‘Obsession’ played live and to see where they take us next.