Zara smile

Zara smile

(they/she) - @zarasm1le

Zara Smile is a 21-year-old alternative folk pop artist based between Liverpool and London. Smile captures audiences with their honest and raw lyricism, inspired by the likes of Laura Marling and Joni Mitchell, combined with influences from Riot Grrrl punk and Broadway. With their intoxicating sound, they are focused on speaking through their lens as a queer person of colour, with a comfortable and electric energy. 

‘Their lyrical delivery oozes honesty, and coupled with a massive hook of chorus, results in an ear-worm that is most pleasing.’ – Seb Klee, Liverpool Noise (2023)

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1.     What words would you use to describe your music?

relatable, ethereal

2.     Where is your favourite spot to write/ create? 

I love just writing in my room!! its where I get all my best ideas, I can sit for hours and hours with my guitar and write and write!

3.     Must have item when creating? 

I don’t think I have one specific item I need, although my emotional support water bottle is quite important in general! (and guitar of course!)

4.     Who did you grow up listening to? 

I grew up listening to the ’That’s What I Call’ CDs, lots of one direction, JLS and other boybands, as well as a huge obsession with “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen! From then, I found 2015-2017 YouTube and was obsessed with people like Dodie and Orla Gartland!

5.     Who are your current biggest inspirations?

Leith Ross, Joni Mitchell (always) and Faye Webster!

6.     How did you find your sound/style?

It’s always felt very natural to me, my sound has kind of developed with me as I’ve grown up, but it never really requires conscious thought, it’s just whatever feels right in the moment!

8.     What instrument would you like to learn if any?

Clarinet !! it’s such a pretty instrument

9.     If you had to include a kazoo or a triangle in every single song you make, which would you choose?

I honestly cannot decide between the two, can I choose both?? I feel like a kazoo harmony with a triangle ’ting’ would be so GOOD

10.  What is your favourite music venue? (to attend as a fan or play as an artist)

I am based in Liverpool, and my favourite music venue here at the moment is Sotto, on Wood Street, it’s such a lovely space and I’ve had some wonderful nights there, along with Heebie Jeebies, which feels almost like a second home now!

11.  Which festival would you love to play at?

I would love to play Barn on the Farm someday! It looks like the best vibe!

12.  Who would you love to tour with and what is your dream venue to play?

I would LOVE to tour with the Last Dinner Party, I’m obsessed with their whole vibe, as well as Nell Mescal!

13.  Favourite part of a show when performing?

I love just being in the midst of it all and watching everyone’s reactions to the music it is so cool!

15.  Future goals?

Just more music and more performing!!

16.  Are you working on anything at the moment?

Yes, I am!! I have a single coming out on the 2nd march, called pretty (a little queer love song!), and much more music on the way!

17.  Can you recommend one of your songs and a song by another artist for our readers to listen to? 

For one of my songs, I’d recommend human or spotlight, and another artists song I’d recommend Faye Webster’s ‘Jonny’!

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